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Gopa Patwari and Jaspreet Kaur Khalsa, Founder at Brand Mender

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Gopa Patwari: To break the concept that digital marketing is expensive and does not provide results. We are affordable for SMEs and focus on achieving results

With digital marketing agencies mushrooming all over, we conceptualized on how to stand out. With an accumulated 18+ years of experience, me and Jaspreet, my partner, we always had this dream of starting our own agency. Hence, when fate got us together Brand Mender had to happen!

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Brand Mender

Jaspreet: They are divided into 2 parts.

Digital Marketing: Search Engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and brand re-engineering

Web development Services – Revolves around website and app design and development. We also provide graphic designing services for both online and offline requirements.

Great Companies: What makes Brand Mender different from hundreds of other Digital Marketing firms?

Gopa Patwari:

After struggling to survive for 3 years as an agency, we have realized that honesty is hard to find today, and we take pride in the fact that we deal with our clients with extreme honesty and transparency.

There have been times, when campaigns have gone ashtray or marketing goals seem to be too far-fetched but we dealt in all of these situations, with what is and not what should have been.

Jaspreet: We’ve come across various clients that have burnt their fingers with other digital marketing agencies.

We honestly love working with such clients that have their last ray of hope alive. It’s satisfying to see that they are still our clients and their businesses are up and running.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Jaspreet: With loads of platforms and updates on these platforms, we need to be on our toes always. It’s an interesting and a tricky part of our field.

Secondly, though we strive to achieve the best results for our clients, what certain clients fail to understand is that we agencies do not have a magic wand. With increase in competition, succeeding with limited budgets is quite a challenge and persistence is the key. Overnight results can’t be achieved but with consistence efforts, they are guaranteed.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Brand Mender?

Gopa Patwari: For us it is one step at a time. Especially the pandemic, has taught us things we never thought of before. As the song goes – “Zindagi ek Safar hain Suhana, Yahan kal kya ho kisne Jaana…”

We consider ourselves survivors through these tough times, so giving our best in the ‘present’ is what we believe in. As for plans to grow in the future, that is what we help our clients with!

Jaspreet: We started off with a team of 3 and now in the last 2.5 years, we are a strong team of 12. Hence, we are able to cater to a bigger number of clients and are able to do justice. So far, the plan is to continue the good work and provide more employment opportunities to the society.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Gopa Patwari: A very cliched but honest advice would be – “it’s not going to be a sprint that you can run in a single track and win, but a tough obstacle race, wherein you know not how many times you’d hit your head or fall. Just remember to stand up and continue the race.” With Competition getting tougher everyday keeping the strength and ambition intact and to never stop, is crucial.

Jaspreet: Consistency and persistence is the key. Keep going. Self-motivation is extremely important especially when you are locked up at home.



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