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Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO at Quixy

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Gautam Nimmagadda:

Through the years of B2B software project executions, I saw a familiar pattern:

– Clients would have all the business operations knowledge share their business requirements (further converted into specification documents) with the business analysis team (product or bespoke development), which are then shared with technical teams

– Technical teams make changes or develop and/or configure the product as per the specification document and have QA teams test the changes made and provide clearance.

– Finally, the implementation teams get the software after clearance, and they take it to the client for acceptance and implementation.

Due to a gap of understanding and not envisioning all possible scenarios, very rarely, there would be a situation where the customer is delighted at the end of a software project. This bothered me immensely, and I saw that this situation was prevalent in the software world.

I realized that there were two crucial causes for this problem:

  • Business users did not have the necessary skills or tools to build the software themselves and had to rely on others who will never understand the business nuances as the business users do.

  • The current tools & methods of building software are expensive & time-taking and have to go through multiple hoops to make even small changes to the software.

This became the foundation idea for Quixy – provide customer delight by providing a platform that business users can use to build software themselves (without relying on others) and build the software at break-neck speed.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Quixy

Gautam Nimmagadda:

Quixy is a general-purpose no-code citizen development platform that businesses can use to model any processes and build simple to complex applications 10X faster compared to traditional development. It enables non-technical business users to create enterprise-grade applications, using simple drag-and-drop design, ten times faster. The platform offers ready-to-use apps for common processes across most organizations.

These include an applicant tracking system, employee onboarding, leave management, project and task management, IT service request management, travel and expense management, CRM, etc. These apps can be used as-is or modified as per the organization’s requirements.

Great Companies: What makes Quixy different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Gautam Nimmagadda: Our competitors fall under 2 categories.

The first category is no-code platforms like Kintone and Airtable which can be used to build basic applications without writing any code. However, these platforms cannot be used to develop complex enterprise-grade applications.

The second category is low-code platforms like Appian and Outsystems that can be used to develop enterprise-grade applications but all these platforms require some degree of coding and can only be used by developers who are trained on the platform.

Quixy falls under a unique third category that can be used by business users themselves to build powerful enterprise-grade applications 10 times faster and with 60% fewer resources without writing any code.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Gautam Nimmagadda:

  1. Marketing a platform like Quixy vs a point (niche) solution for a specific use case.

  2. Given that no-code is new to the market, bringing awareness that enterprise-grade complex solutions can be built using no-code.

  3. GTM for new geographies in a crowded market.

  4. Being a start-up, selling to big enterprises.

  5. Continuous Innovation to stay ahead of the competition in a crowded market.

  6. Very low adoption of low/no-code from government/public enterprises.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Quixy?

Gautam Nimmagadda:

Without a doubt, No-Code will be the future of app development and overtake all of the other methods. We believe that 80-90% of app development will shift to no-code in this decade. This shift to no-code will further spur innovation in this space, which will further improve no-code platforms' capabilities with time, creating a snowball effect.

We will also see no-code spread extensively beyond app development to a much broader digital landscape due to the unique advantages of democratization, speed, and agility.

We are on the mission to enable every organization in the world to fully digitalize. We will continuously make it easier to build software and improve the capability to handle more and more possibilities. We want to encourage every company to create a digital roadmap and leverage the exciting innovations available on a digital level. Medium and large enterprises have a lot to gain from embracing the digital revolution, and Quixy can help them realize their digital ambitions. Making no-code application development available and more effortless for every interested party is the main goal for us as we advance.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Gautam Nimmagadda:

"First and foremost, dream big!" I would suggest. Don't dream small, believing that you can achieve greatness, and don't get bogged on the way to your goal, even if you encounter failures or roadblocks along the way. Those are the challenges you must overcome, which is the whole point of dreaming big and working on this journey. It is critical to keep persisting on something that is, in my opinion, absolutely necessary. One of the most important aspects of success is persistence, which goes hand in hand with speed.



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