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FLOA Education

Business Name: FLOA Education

Name: Shailesh Ravindra Lele

Location: Pune, India

Establishment (Year): 2019

Category / Industry: Education and E-Learning

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Skill Development through E-

learning Platform FLOA

Number of employees: 11-50 employees

Company Detail: FLOA provides Free Foreign Language Education

and conducts Foreign Language Online Exam for 5th to 12th students,

UG-PG students, Teachers, and all Adults at National Level

They have developed 4 Level autonomous syllabus for German,

Spanish, and French Languages

Free Syllabus Videos and Free Downloadable Booklets are available

in English and Hindi Medium. They also provide downloadable

booklets in regional mediums

Exam fees for 5th 12th std students

1. Level -1 Rs.175/- per student

2. Level -2 Rs.200/- per student

3. Level -3 Rs.255/- per student

4. Level -4 Rs.250/- per student

Exam fees for adults

1. Level -1 Rs.300/- per student

2. Level -2 Rs.400/- per student

3. Level -3 Rs.500/- per student

4. Level -4 Rs.600/- per student

It is implemented in more than 200 schools in 9 states of India

The solutions to Customer problems:


Foreign Language Education is not available and affordable to

students coming from all financial backgrounds. Like they have

history, geography, science, maths, English, Hindi, etc. as compulsory

subjects in the day-to-day curriculum, they at FLOA believe and work

at the ground level to make foreign language education available to

every student irrespective of their socio-economic status


Free Foreign Language Education and Foreign Language Online


Those who clear the exam receive a Marksheet and Certificate.

1 st Rank students at District, State and National levels also receive

Gold Medals

Unique Value Proposition:

Foreign Language Education is available and affordable to the upper

middle class and Elite class students as of now

Through their initiative Foreign Language Education is made

available and affordable to students at the mass level across India and

the study material is also available free of cost in English and Hindi


Target Market:

Every school across India



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