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Bernard Nolan
Bernard Nolan

Often our dreams don’t come true. It does hurt when something that you have thought about since your childhood can no longer be fulfilled. There are many reasons that make a person stop dreaming about his passion.

As human beings, we all at certain points are ambitious and passionate about one thing or another. And when you are unable to do what you’re passionate about, that can make you break from inside.

There are times when something tragic happens and we are forced to leave our dreams behind. We think that if we have a dream we can achieve it with whatever difficulties we face. However, some things cannot be fixed. Some things don’t have any solution. And at that point in time, we are forced to leave everything behind.

What happens then? Should we lose hope? Should we try to fix the inevitable?

It is not just about one person there are many people out there including me who have faced this kind of situation. Maybe you have faced that too! Some things are inevitable and we cannot go against them.

That is why I am telling you about a person who faced a similar situation in his life and ended up a successful business owner. This story inspired me and will inspire you if you have faced something similar. Reading this will help you get motivated and learn how even

the inevitable things should not stop you from reaching the heights.

Bernard Nolan like any of us had dreams from his childhood and he wanted to do something great. He had dreamed of becoming an airline pilot. Since he was in school he started making decisions accordingly as he had it all figured out. He knew it would cost him over €100,000 for flight training. He had some difficult choices to make at the beginning. He had to make a choice for the most important thing in his life- college or job, just for his dream.

He knew he needed money so he decided to go for the job. He had planned to work for a while and then train for some time then again work to save some money to train again. He started to work at Dublin Airport for a company called OCS. He was a mobility handling agent and his job was to take care of disabled passengers at the airport. Wanting more experience in airlines and earning money made him choose this job.

That was his first sales experience as well. He met many people, interacted with them, learned their stories and experiences, and that all felt really nice to him. He soon with consistent hard work was promoted to the supervisor position. His job was to look after many operations on a daily basis at Dublin Airport and also handle hundreds of passengers every day.

He was doing great and his plans were all set. But it happens that some things we plan never go the same way. We have big plans but often they are destroyed. Bernard had his plan set. His training was going well. He was doing a job and working hard enough to save money. However, sometimes god has some other plans for you. And that’s what happened with him. It was the time when everything in his life changed. Whatever he did and dream for was now nothing.

One day his career plans came crashing down.

Bernard was with a friend when a vital organ in his body stopped working. He believes that if he is fine today it is just because of that person he was with or something worse could’ve happened. This incident changed everything, his dreams, his career, all at the same time. It was a massive setback.

These incidents can be life-changing and facing and recovering from them is important. Recovering not just physically but also mentally. Bernard knew that no airline would hire him due to his health situation so decided to stop his training as it would not help him pursue his career ambition of working in the Airline Industry. Again he had to make another difficult decision. To leave the Airline Industry. This time around, he had no other option to weigh upon. That was a big lesson for him. His heart was all for flying but he had to make this choice because he would just be spending his money and it would end up nowhere.

As I said you can recover from these incidents but you also need to recover from them mentally. It took a long time for Bernard even to accept the fact that his dream to become a pilot was no longer anything he could pursue. While he was undergoing his treatments, there was a point of time when he went into depression. But we should never lose hope and try to pull it all together.

Bernard left everything behind and decided to begin a fresh start. It took him a lot of time but he did. The first thing he had to do for finding a career for himself so he went to the second thing he liked the most- technology. He had no college experience, just some job experience with the airport. Luckily, he got himself a job at a big US company Oracle which involved all kinds of different tech. That job helped him to start again. He was provided with a lot of opportunities and travel as well.

While working at Oracle and his treatments at the hospital he got to realize that there are superheroes in real life making miracles happen by saving thousands of lives. It is true that if you have gone through something you start seeing that from a different angle. Well for Bernard it was his incident that inspired him to do something great. He was dealing a lot with hospitals and at that point, he realized that there is a lot that can be done to help people in various situations.

When you are admitted to the hospital you are asked a lot of questions related to you. What if you are not in a condition to answer? That’s what hit Bernard. He started to research things that could be done to save patients from these formalities and help them in some kind. He thought about a device that can be used to store all the important medical information of the person and can be accessed with just one tap.

So, they started working on the device and in 2017 he decided to use it himself to check its feasibility. Maybe he got lucky or was it in the stars that while he was using the device he got another attack. He was at his home when his kidney failed again and he couldn’t even talk. He was with his girlfriend who called the ambulance and when the paramedics arrived she just tapped the watch on his wrist and all his medical info was there within seconds. While going to the hospital one of the paramedics told his girlfriend that this could save many lives.

The idea for this device was in Bernard’s mind since he was working at Oracle. But to pursue it completely he had to make the tough decision of leaving Oracle forever. Many entrepreneurs have to take this tough decision while taking risks for something new. It can be really difficult to leave all the perks of a stable job and even Bernard debated it. But he took that step and decided to leave and give his startup a shot.

He was scared because it could either go really well or it could be a total fail. But he took the big step toward his project MediMee. This was what he was working for for months. He started meeting people and telling them about MediMee. It was quite shocking for him when people would understand the concept easily. They had everything developed and even tested. They just wanted to approach people to use this product.

Bernard started out by pitching it to companies for their employees. It could be built up in their ID cards and even a chip that could sync in the cloud. With further developments in business, they also started out with some sticker kits. They also want to provide all the possible medical help they can to the people.

‘MediMee’ is a life-changing solution that helps people in tough times. It is a device that can be attached to anything like a watch or a mobile and can be accessed with just one click. With a click of a button, you can access all your vital medical information in seconds. You don’t need to keep folders and files for this now. It especially helps you during any emergency.

As I already said when you face something you see the problem more clearly. The same happened with Bernard. He faced something terrible and that led him to make something so helpful for people around the world. His story is inspiring for all of us and many others.

We can learn one thing from his life that even when we are our lowest we need to get up and think about the future. We should never stop and work hard to achieve our goals. If one door is shut the other will definitely open. We just need to find the right path towards it.

Edited by Mallika Malvia



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