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Empowering Education, One Learning Gap at a Time: The Dailies Journey

In the heart of Ontario, a visionary educator, Jessica Shelley, ignited a transformative spark in 2020 with Dailies, Inc. This is a tale of bridging learning gaps, pioneering personalised education, and championing equity in learning.

Dailies stands tall as the first educational platform that isn't just a provider but a partner in learning. Their ethos revolves around equitable access to education, achieved by partnering with parents and schools. By transparently merging learning data with immersive tools, Dailies empowers every student on their unique journey.

Dailies' microlearning app isn't just a tool; it's a transformation. Through gamified experiences, it's a daily rendezvous with learning , designed to mend the learning gaps that might otherwise go unnoticed. But their offerings extend beyond the app ;interactive online classes, led by certified teachers, enrich the learning process .Dailies' unique proposition transcends traditional education models. They've built a community where learning is a shared journey. Regular feedback on learning progress creates a bridge between students, parents, and educators. This collective effort has led to inspiring academic strides and holistic growth for students.

Jessica Shelley's journey stems from her days as a public school teacher. It's a story of advocating for students, navigating the system, and realising the limitations within. But instead of surrendering, she rose with Dailies. The challenge of igniting change within the traditional system only fueled her passion to build an alternative that truly empowers.

Through trials and triumphs, Jessica's advice echoes: persistence is key. Amid a sea of advice, trust your understanding of your business. Seek mentors who see beyond the business plan and who believe in you as an entrepreneur. The road isn't always smooth, but it's your unwavering belief that paves the way.



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