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Ecolastic Products Pvt. Ltd - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023

Company Name : Ecolastic Products Pvt. Ltd.

Founders Name : Chinta Sasidhar (Chairman)

City : Hyderabad Country : India Founded In ( Year) : 2019 Employee Size : 11-50 employees Funding : Self-Funding Business Models : B2B and B2C Business Category : Eco Friendly/Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Website URL :

Company Detail:

Manufacturing of 100% Compostable corn starch based products (raw materials like granules and finished products like Garbage bags, carry bags, plant bags, garment bags, cutlery, plates, cups, etc.)

How you innovated or reinvented yourself or your business during the pandemic, the economic ups and downs, or other challenges?

Firstly identified a problem which touches every human being, but without which (single use plastic) our life is unimaginable. Then looked for a solution (compostable products) which can replace the SUP. A lot of efforts went in conducting hundreds of trials, testing, changes in creating an optimum solution which can meet all the criteria – functional, economical, scalable, replaceable, compostable, etc All of these were done during the pandemic periods of 2020 & 2021 and finally the commercial product was launched in Sep 2021.

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You

No longer can we look at linear economy. We as humans should start embracing Circular Economy, especially that which can be seamlessly integrated with the Earth’s natural recycling process.

• Ecolastic’s products meets all the criteria for above which delivering the functionality and properties expected by customers from Single use plastic products such as Garbage bags, carry bags, grocery bags, plant grow bags, etc.

• Our products we developed in collaboration with DRDO and have been recommended by Niti Aayog as a sustainable alternative to SUP. Only company to have such profile.

• Passed the rigorous testing by CIPET in meeting the IS/ISO 17088 standards

• Certified by Central Pollution Control Board

• Products contain corn starch which accelerates the biodegradability and hence quickens the compostability of the products

• Ecolastic is fully integrated from the time of conversion of corn starch into TPS, compounding, intermediary products (blow film rolls), conversion to final products with value added services like multi-coloured printing, multi-coloured products, etc.

• In-house R&D to provide solutions and services as per specific requirement of the customers in replacing their SUP usage

• Testing in progress to get international certifications used by USA, Europe, Australia & NZ • Wide variety of product portfolio: o Finished Products : Carry bags, Garbage bags, Pouches, Garment bags, Courier bags, Plant grow bags, Agri Mulch films, Stretch films, D-cut bags, W-cut bags, U-cut bags, Packaging bags, Cutlery, Plates, glasses, cups, etc Granules: TPS, Blow film granules of multi grades, Filler Masterbatch, Color masterbatch, Thermoforming granules, Injection Molding granules

Future roadmap

• Ecolastic’s vision is to be the leading company in India in providing sustainable alternative products and solutions to Single use plastic

• To be the top 10 in the world in providing sustainable packaging solution company

• Create new class of products which will convert waste to wealth while being the environment-friendly

• Scale up the current production capacity from 10000 MTPA to 1 Million MTPA in next 5 years

Founder's experience and background

We don't have a single founder. The company is spearheaded by the Chairman of the Vishwa Samudra Group, who is a Civil Engineer and a Management Graduate. However the core technical team has specialists from the polymer and bioplastics industry.



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