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Dr. Madana Kumar,PhD, Cofounder at Leadyne Organisation Builders Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD: John Maxwell said ‘Everything rises and falls on Leadership”. We continuously see several organisations suffer due to bad leadership. We have seen maniacal focus on revenue and profit destroying organisations in the long run. We see employees and ex-employees talking ill of companies that practice the traditional command and control type of leadership. On the other hand we see organisations that implement employee first philosophy, thrive in the long run and become gems in corporate world. We have seen that it is not the lack of knowledge about this fact that prevents organisations embracing more employee friendly philosophy. It is the fears, it is the lack of resources on “how” that makes organisations reluctant to look at alternative leadership philosophies. We saw an opportunity in this , and decided to help organisations build themselves up, by addressing the “how” of Servant Leadership in a practical and personal manner.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Leadyne Organisation Builders

Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD: Our flagship offering is around Servant Leadership. We offer it under the brand name of S.L.A.M (Servant Leadership in Action for Momentum). This includes 360 degree assessments, workshops, coaching support, Advanced Goal setting exercises to align individual goals with organisational goals and certifications, all centred around the concept and philosophy of Servant Leadership. We also offer digital self-learning resources for Servant Leadership, in form of interactive videos , simulations and webinars to those who are yet to take up formal leadership roles. Entrepreneurship is our second vertical. We offer Entrepreneurship support through workshops, coaching and handholding to budding entrepreneurs. This vertical also addresses large corporates to build Entrepreneurial mindset in their employees to help them experience “The Magic of 1000 owners”. Leadership Coaching is our third vertical, and we offer one-on-one coaching to leaders to help with their personal and organisational growth.

Great Companies: What makes Leadyne Organisation Builders different from hundreds of other Leadership Consulting firms?

Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD: Excellent question. Leadyne is a group of Subject Matter Experts and Thought leaders in their field, and they bring the expertise based on their personal experience to the clients. We do not act as an aggregator of consultants and facilitators who can dish out any and everything. Each of our verticals is headed by thought leaders in the topic.

For example, the Servant Leadership Vertical is headed by me. I am a PhD in Servant Leadership and have spent 4 decades in the industry understanding the leadership practices of global corporates, and implementing Servant Leadership to create huge business impact in organisations.

Our Entrepreneurship vertical is headed by a Thought leader on the topic whose book “The Entrepreneurial DNA” was named by Entrepreneur Magazine, USA as one of top business books to read in 2014. His speeches on this topic are in various TEDx channels.

Our Leadership Coaching practice is led by someone who advices UK government on some strategic matters. Apart from this thought leadership that we bring to the table, our programs are proven to be

Personal : Because it anchors on a 360 degree assessment.

Practical: Because it provides a practice guide to participants

Enduring: Because it is supported by coaching support

Impactful: Because it gets aligned to Organisational Goals through personal transformation

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD: Servant Leadership is often seen as an oxymoron. Breaking that myth and getting organisations to look at this concept is the first challenge. Then there are several other myths about Servant Leadership. They become a mental block for several organisations to invest in implementing this model.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Leadyne Organisation Builders?

Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD: We will focus on significantly improving our credibility as a thought leader in the topic of Servant Leadership. This will be achieved through direct contacts and social media presence. We will invest in measuring the business impact of our interventions and craft success stories that will influence the thinking process of leaders in “fence-sitting” organisations. We will enhance our scope and reach through a network of Certified Champions. We will partner with Edutech start-ups who are brought into this concept in digitising our content and make them available over several platforms thus encouraging self-learning and exponentially increasing our reach. We will partner with universities to include Servant Leadership in their curriculum. Five years down the line, we will be known as the company that pioneered a Servant Leadership revolution in organisations. That is the only legacy we want to leave.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Dr. Madana Kumar, PhD: Follow your passion, but make sure that your passion is not for your benefit alone. Follow a passion that adds value to you as well as to others. This is what we call being significant. Do not chase success alone, but pursue significance.



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