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Dr. Kunal Premani, CEO at Growidus Consultants Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: Can you tell a little bit about company Growidus Consultants ? Dr. Kunal Premani: My Idea Of Incubating Growidus Started In July 2013 while returning from an overseas trip. I thought of nurturing and giving strong stability to my ideas skill set, expertise, and values for the betterment of society. The dream of being an entrepreneur required a strong base to my fundamentals and I realized nothing but my vision towards building Growidus would make my passion turn into reality. Over the span of yours Growidus has emerged as a brand to empower youth for the next generation challenges through its wide spectrum of verticals like Distance Education, Training and Development, Immigration And Recruitment.

Great Companies: What makes Growidus Consultants different from hundreds of other similar service provided firms ? Dr. Kunal Premani:

Growidus is one of its kind, company in the world. Through our high-quality services, international recognitions, accreditations and through approach on the business with originality in our content, active and loyal user communities, and widely-adopted services, we deliver customized experiences and personalized purchase recommendations and business consultations to consumers worldwide.

Growidus has been providing service to all clients from different areas and industries. The foundation of our practice is a belief that efficient and productive service is provided which encompasses commercial vision and creativity, effectively capitalizing the deep expertise and incubating the practical knowledge and peculiarity it brings. We seek to offer unconventional and customized business along with solutions and aspire to raise the potential of all our clients and service partners. What distinguishes us from others is that we promote the Government of India Digital Bharat Abhiyan Where all our branches accept and promote only Digital payments no cash payments. This builds Trust, Loyalty, and Transparency in the business we are providing. We adhere to the quality and the sentimental particularities of our clients and at the same time abiding the guidelines of the government

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by your company? Dr. Kunal Premani: Growidus has a wide spectrum of verticals under one roof to cater the requirement of the most basic individual and have a 360 degree holistic approach. Growidus provides Distance Education, Immigration, Training and Development , Recruitment, Astro Numerology and Marketing services to benefit individuals, society, community and nation.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face? Dr. Kunal Premani: Challenges were intense as It was a new startup our first and foremost important priority was to build trust in the market for which we worked day in and out with lots of rejections , refusals lack of trust initially but as we believed in our story and product with conviction and upon delivering some success stories word of mouth factors started playing its role and today as we have reached a level where most of our business is on word on mouth or referrals.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Growidus Consultants ? Dr. Kunal Premani: Growidus under the visionary leadership and a core competent team has been growing leap and bounds, Instead of having a 5 year vision we have a culture of doing things right and better then yesterday which we hope would reap us better results, would draw trust, Make our client engagement success, and service operations par excellence.

But in 5 Years down the line I would like Growidus to be a brand that needs to be recognised by the values, ethics , trusts and services it provides the external, internal clients and stake holders. Also with a vision to become the most profitable, prominent business brand and setting up a bench mark in the field of Consulting business.

Great Companies: How do you feel when your company Growidus Consultants was rated as one of the Top 21 Great Companies to watch out for in 2021? Dr. Kunal Premani: It is an Honour and a matter of pride for the CEO of Company that has been rated for the category on such a reputed platform. It is acting as a booster to work even more harder, smarter and motivating enough to be a front line runner and be the best in the nature of services we provide and make a statement of being the role model.

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