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Dr. Aashmi Thiruvambalam - Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award Winner 2023

Name: Dr. Aashmi Thiruvambalam

Business Name: My Fettle Bio Products Pvt Ltd

Location: Chennai, India

Establishment (Year): 2014

Category/Industry: Manufacturing and Retail

Profession/ Specialty: Manufacturing Bio Products

Company Detail:

Fettle bio products is a Biotechnology based company which is specialized in producing nutritional supplements using natural ingredients without any preservatives. It was promoted and manufactured by Dr.Aashmi Thiruvambalam. We strive to provide quality and freshness. Fettle means strong.

Our aim is to make our customers at healthy and disease-free society by providing natural supplements. Aiming to popularise thousand years old practice of medicinal plants and natural ingredients in curing the diseases, Dr.Aashmi Thiruvambalam started to manufacture medicines free from harmful ingredients, are ethically sourced, and 100% vegan.

Unique Selling Proposition or Competitive Advantage:

During the course of the research study, she came across many common people who were suffering with several illnesses but were unable to undertake proper treatment due to the higher cost of medicines and side effects. This made her to think of finding a cheapest economical solution without any side effects. The theoretical studies had been made into [practical procedures which made her to prepare natural health supplements without any chemical preservatives & adulteration.

Over a period of time, the health supplements were provided to their well wishers, friends and relatives. This has produced outstanding results irrespective of their age food habits, prevailing ailments, etc. In fact one of her neighbor's lives was saved from the tip his life and had recovered completely and led a normal life. This spark and the passion on natural Medication lead her to the formation of the firm M/s. Fettle Bio products in the year 2014.

Challenges Faced During the Journey

Mrs.Ashmi comes from a middle class family of 4 members. His father’s name is Thaniyampillai and he working in an agriculture department which is a government job. Her mother Parvathi is a house wife. She has a younger sister and she completed engineering and was working in an IT company. Ashmi did her schooling in kanyakumari in 2002. There she completed her biotechnology in Noorulishn College of arts and science. And she also did her PG in Holy Cross College. In 2005 she worked as a professor in BK College in Chennai. She got married and she has 2 children. She has also done her PHD also in Biotech of Anti Cancer Research.

After she completed her post graduate in Biotech she worked in BJR College of Biotechnology in Chennai. From there she got knowledge about research and her husband also helped in her career. He is engineer and then he run the business of Hydro power plan. So she did her PHD and there she did research on Anti cancer in medical entrance quadinatine time institute. She completed her research and then she decided to start business in bio products.

Advice for Women Entrepreneurs:

Being a young and energetic team, we have to offer the advantage of accessibility, flexibility, free communication and open minded approach which creates a homely atmosphere for our customers. The quality of our products will enhance the customer satisfaction.



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