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Disrupting Digital marketing space for building Construction Industry

"Whatever good things we build,end up building us.” Jim Rohn

India is set to be one of the largest construction hubs in the world with more than 11 billion homes to be built by 2030. The need for sustainable design and constructionis going to proportionately increase the need for well-designed interiors and interior products.

There is cutthroat competition in each and every field, and most of the time the real talent gets lost in the world, just because of poor marketing and advertising efforts. The majority of people prefer the cost of work over quality of work. The knowledge about architects and interior designers were only limited to magazines or word of mouth, and finding the right professionals was a problem faced by most homeowners. The need for a single unified platform to connect professionals and vendors of building construction industry with consumers and homeowners drove Arti Sudhir Nair, an experienced architect and interior designer, to launch Archiipedia.

Arti says, “My understanding was that customers today would like to be well informed and make informed decisions about where they spent their valuable money. Unfortunately, there were not enough resources to demystify their (the customers’) questions and help them make informed decisions.

Arti Sudhir Nair, founder director of Archiipedia, is an architect who did her graduation from Marathwada MitraMandal College of Architecture (Pune) in 1998. Arti has more than 20 years of expertise in architecture and interior design and a long stretch as an entrepreneur. She has vast experience in design execution and project management. Early years of career, she interned with CNT(Bangalore) and worked with reputed architecture firms like Venkatraman Associates and builders like Sobha Developers to finally providing turnkey interior design services to her clients.

Archiipedia is the only online platform that connects all of the professionals and vendors of Architecture, building construction, design, decoration and allied services for consumers and customers for the same within the framework of Archiipedia. It is a business to business and business to consumer platform that helps customers promote their businesses and products through informative details advertisements. Archiipedia is a valuable resource of information, educating and inspiring consumers with new, latest products, design methodologies and services of building construction industry

Today boasts a large no of visitors to the website, “Whatever you do do your best,if not get a professional to help you. Archiipedia has the best talent in India listed with us. Choose from the best” says Arti Sudhir Nair.

The first milestone for the platform was when it received the national award ‘India Excellence Award’ for ‘Best Online Platform For Architects, Interior Designer and Building Construction Industry’.

“A lot of your entrepreneurial journey is about being patient,resourceful and persevering through the tough time. I believe the following one's passion is key to one's happiness and a happy individual will eventually be a successful individual. I would always do what I am passionate about because passion can enthuse me to achieve the impossible and even create practical ways of achieving the same. When one is passionate about what she does or believes,one would strive to do the best” says Arti Sudhir Nair

Challenges faced in the Beginning

In the beginning, the most challenging was the time management, trying to balance both-her work life and her home. As an architect and interior designer, networking and social life constrained her time and energy. Archiipedia was set up as a platform that is much needed by the professionals to create a network and interact with the vendors and consumers of the building construction industry.

Early years in her career Arti realized the need as a professional to establish her name and brand and the amount of time spent for marketing and networking to get projects and get verified vendors,with Archiipedia she wanted to bridge the gap and make it easier for professionals to establish and showcase their brand of work and promote themselves easily .

“Hence Archiipedia was conceived with the vision of creating a digital presence for India’s large network of vendors and professionals of building construction industry. My understanding of this space and my network of vendors and professionals would help me make this vision a reality”. believes Arti

Her endeavors seem to have definitely paid off. Her consistently enthusiastic perseverance has earned her the admiration of various professionals in the field. Additionally, she has also won the India excellence award for “Best online platform for architects, interior designers, professionals and vendors of building construction industry.”

Archiipedias latest milestone was The Indian Achievers Forums award for “Most promising startup of 2021”

Arti Sudhir Nair,an ambitious go-getter wants to promote architects and interior designers, because she believes and loves the quote….

“Even a brick wants to be something” by Louis Kahn

Edited by Gitika Mandhana



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