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Digital Essentialness- A Startup to Establish You Digitally


“There’s only one winning strategy that is to develop and engage the digital marketing strategies and creative solutions” – they believe in this ideology of business. They who? They are this startup company known as Marcomm Essentials. This is a digital marketing company, which creates digital marketing strategies and executes them for their clients.

The company believes that businesses cannot be run with the presumption that ‘everyone’ is the consumer. Finding the right group of customers is as important as finding the right market for the business. They help businesses discover, target, develop, and persuade the particular group of people who are considered as the customer base for the company’s products or services.

Hence, its very clear for the team of Marcomm Essentials that they need to increase the return of investment for their client by effective and efficient targeting of customers and brand image management.

The employees of the company have got years of experience from various fields like retail, advertising, software, banking and education. Over these years of growth and success of the company has been able to establish itself outside India and take its work to different countries. It has its offices in countries like Australia, New Zealand and England.


For a digital marketing company, there are various areas of work. In today’s age of cut throat competition in this corporate world, it is really important to be ‘jack of all trades’. Hence, Marcomm Essentials have geared itself up with various services for its clients. The services are:

Design Services

Logo & branding - Logo is the primary identity of the brand which will travel a thousand miles to lakhs of consumers. It is the logo that most consumers remember, it is the logo that becomes a symbol for the company, so, having a logo that will not only give an identity but a voice to the company is essential.

Brochure & Catalogue Design - Brochures and catalogues are important because they speak about your company on your behalf to almost all the first-time consumers. These brochures and catalogues create the first impression about the business. Having some exceptional brochures to represent company’s USP is important.

Website UI - The content and look and the user experience of the company’s website will determine the amount of time and the consumer will dedicate to the site and amount of engagement the site can provide will be directly proportional to the number of sales. Marcomm essentials makes sure the site must have a professional look and engaging elements

Packaging - Many a times the packaging sends a message to the consumers about a particular product and consumers are quick enough to assume the quality of the product or the service by the packaging. Marcomm Essentials provide innovative designs for product packaging, so that no wrong assumption develops.

Development Services

Website Development & Ecommerce Development - It is important for the website or the e-commerce site to be simple and user friendly. The website is the place which will maintain the online presence of the business and Marcomm Essentials gives attention to creating professional looking, simple and search engine and user-friendly sites.

App Development - To make the business reach all the customers an effective and efficient app, both for Android and iOS is necessary. And here the team uses the latest tech for developing such apps.

Landing Page Development - The landing serves a single and focused purpose for the company. And for Marcomm Essentials it is one of their core strengths to design beautiful and user-friendly one-page designs.

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - People are going to search for various company websites before zeroing down on one. So, its important to make your website stand out from the rest by ranking it at number one position on Google.

Pay-per click - Advertisements on the website are one of the primary sources for revenue generation, and Marcomm Essentials knows how to bring revenue to your business by showing ads on google to your target segment.

Email Marketing - We often encounter personalized emails from various brands, informing us about their new launches. Marcomm Essentials help you in updating your customers about your services via email marketing.

Social Media Marketing - Social media is another ever growing platform to find consumer based and advertise one’s business. It is the most cost-effective way of promotion. Marcomm team will carry out all social media activities required for bringing visibility to the client’s business.

Traditional Marketing Services

Events - Outdoor events in places like malls, colleges, offices, societies etc. builds a connect between the brand and the consumers and the brand gains effective attention. Marcomm Essentials works efficiently on this strategy.

Outdoor Media - Outdoor media marketing is one such that connects the brand directly with the customers. We are into providing Any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business's products and services

Advertising And Promotion - OOH (Out of Home) Advertisements are still very influential in the market. Marcomm Essentials makes sure your business reaches your customer base via traditional marketing techniques like hoardings, bill boards, events and road shows.

Intention is one thing, working on that intention and fulfilling it is another. Marcomm Essentials makes it sure that, they are able to identify the intention of the consumer or maybe implant an intention into the minds of the consumers, and then transform that intention into action, which in turn will be beneficial for the client’s business.

This 5 year old company has been able to provide services to various other startups in setting up themselves digitally, which is a pre requisite in today’s businesses.



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