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Deepti Sehgal- Founder of Svarasya

Great Companies: Ma'am what are the services Svarasya provide to its customers? Deepti Sehgal: Svarasya is a holistic beauty & Selfcare brand that offers pure natural ancient products & healing programs around natural ways of selfcare, beauty & health prevention through our platform Our health, beauty & wellness programs & products are very ancient in nature. Our philosophy of health & wellness is driven from global ancient sciences of the world including Ayurveda, Yogic Sciences, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Macrobiotics. Through our brand we spread the message of wholeness of our existence with the nature & how by improving upon our diet & lifestyle at the root level & by incorporating natural earthy skincare & selfcare products we can achieve our wholeness with the nature from which health, radiance, beauty & vitality emerges naturally. 

Great Companies: What is the main objective of Svarasya? Deepti Sehgal : Svarasya intends to be India's first 'Selfcare' brand based on the teachings of Ayurveda, Yogic Sciences, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Macrobiotics. We intend to offer the most purest selfcare products in the category of skincare, gut foods, superfoods, yogic accessories, along with transformational healing programs for inside-out wellness for various skin & health issues. To know more about our philosophy, you can check

Great Companies: What makes svarasya different from others? Deepti Sehgal : Svarsaya is one-of-its-kind 'Selfcare' brand, & our philosophy is inspired by oldest global ancient traditions. Our focus is on educating our audience about the foundational parameters of beauty, health, wellness & ample energy, which include the concepts of gut health, alkaline body state, detoxification, meditation & breathing practices for a radiant & energetic appearance. Our ancient & holistic approach to beauty & skincare, that incorporates foods, lifestyle & skincare culminates into a bigger concept of 'Selfcare the Ancient Way', which makes us stand apart from the crowd.

Great Companies:  What is the strategy to attract large number of customers? Deepti Sehgal : 'Knowledge Sharing'! We realize people wantsto switch back to the natural ways of health & healing & try their bit to bring suitable changes in their lifestyle. The biggest gap however, is that in the midst of scattered knowledge pouring-in from everywhere, people tend to get confused about the right approach to health, healing & inside-out radiance. Through our platform, we intend to educate our customers in-detail about the ancient philosophies of living well in all areas of life, be it diet, lifestyle, exercise, routines, herbs, supplements, skincare, selfcare.

Great Companies: What is the main reason behind the success of Sarasya? Deepti Sehgal : Our 'Wholeness' approach & our focus on foundational aspects of health, beauty, radiance & vitality. Additionally, our range of pure, ancient & natural skincare & selfcare products including gut-strengthening products are being very well accepted by the audience because of our holistic concept. For the very first time a lot of people are beginning to realize what it takes to attain health, beauty & radiance from the inside-out. That's surely our mantra for success.



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