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Copylove Communications LLP

Business Name: Copylove Communications LLP

Name: Gunjan Pai

Location: Mumbai, India

Establishment (Year): 2015

Category / Industry: Marketing and Advt

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Copywriting and strategic content

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Company Detail: they are a boutique copywriting and strategic content studio founded in 2015, delivering branding copy, creative communication, and strategic content to brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

The solutions to Customer problems:


People have bright ideas to make the world a better place. But they struggle to find the right language to reach their customers in a way that customers understand. Here at Copylove, they work like a bridge to simplify their communication and carry their message through.

Effectively and memorably.

Solution- They deep-dive to discover the challenges and problems of their clients in their interactive sessions, to find the pain points so that they can address them in their writing and solutions. They do this in impeccable writing, allowing them to deliver top-notch writing to the clients that also work for them.

Their solutions include:

Branding copywriting

• Brand discovery

• Elevator pitch

• Brand Essence

• Brand values

• Brand naming

• Tagline & slogan writing

• Tone of voice

• Creative strategy

• Brand manifesto

• Sales decks

• Investor decks

• Brand catalogs & brochures

• Content audit

• Advertising copywriting

• Environment branding

Marketing copywriting

• Leaflets

• Marketing newsletters

• Packaging copy

• Point of sale

• Event concepts

• Press release writing

• Internal communication

• Crisis communication

• Authored article writing

• Press release writing

• Product copy

• Proposal copywriting

• Speech writing

• Sales decks

• Books & Publications

Digital Copywriting

• Website launch & relaunch copy

• Blog writing

• Email writing

• Banner concept & writing

• Award submission writing

• Case study writing

• Presentation writing

• Social strategy & content

• SEO article writing

• Infographic copy

• Mobile app copy

• Whitepapers

• Tutorial playbooks

• E-books

• Video scripts

Unique Value Proposition: They discovered that clients often struggle to convey their ideas in the right language to their customers. Hence the quality of copy and content produced is below par. Their service is unique because they work as a partner in the journey. And begin creating content with the client’s needs in mind at all times. they offer:

• Niche writing specialization – they focus on the craft

• Early mover’s advantage – they’re 6-year-old and we bring their

advertising background to play

• New breed of bright creative writers – their experience

Target Market:

• Large enterprises looking to streamline and create world-class communication

• Small and medium-size companies building brands through effective communication

• Newbie entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to shape their communication to convey their idea



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