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Chetan Khurana of R.K INDUSTRIES

Great Companies: What are the services all time R K industries provide to its customers? Chetan Khurana: We have the diverse portfolio in electrical equipment segment we manufacture wires, cables and led lighting under the umbrella of brands K-9CAB and CIAZZ. We have plans to expand further and explore in electrical appliance segment. In fact we are launching iron, geysers, fans etc later this year.

Great Companies: How do you manage your customers? Chetan Khurana : We have to keep pace with customer’s ever changing requirements in this dynamic business environment. We believe this is our (USP) unique selling proposition that we are proactive in anticipating our customer’s requirements, thanks to our dedicated teams. Every entrepreneur faces complaints at some point of time in business, my father always taught me overcoming the complain is the most effective way of managing the customers and I follow it to the core.

Great Companies:  What is the basic strategy to attract customers? Chetan Khurana : This takes me back to consumer class of university days, wherein we learnt that” sales are not about how you sell your product, but it’s about how you make your clients feel. At R.K INDUSTRIES- we provide pre and post-sales services to our customers to establish a long lasting relationship. We always try to make our products available at the right market at right time with the right price and the magic happens.

Great Companies:  What is the main objective of R K industries? Chetan Khurana : The company have various objectives complementing the vision.  To build and maintain strong, positive and ever lasting relationship with our customers.  Continuous Innovation to bring out the best in the product by understanding the real need of the customers.  Grow profitability with our stake holders.  To make our products available into every part and area of the country.

Great Companies:  What is the secret behind the success of R K industries? Chetan Khurana : In addition to the constant doggedness, Our company works on the principle laid by our founders “always give more than you take”. This keeps us on our toes to exceed the expectations of our clients. In return, we enjoy the loyalty of our clients. We are in the journey to be the “lighting roots of the great nation” and every single achievement is just one step forward to our journey.



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