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By Kirti Singh

Early today I searched the google to know the rules of becoming a successful entrepreneur and to my wonder I was blown with the number of rules I found there. But that is not something which I am here to discuss with you, as in what are the rules, you can easily access them on Google via a simple search. But still I feel like stating one or two for you, ‘work smarter not harder’, ‘learn from your mistakes’ etc. this all sounded so organic to me and started feeling as if one was giving life lessons to me.

This piece that I have decided to write today is more to make you feel relaxed and of course the obvious reason, to pour down my thoughts wondering in my head.

So what is a rule? You can define it as a set standard to which you decide to conform to. As I already mentioned you can find a lot of them but the point remains if to conform to them or not. Of course you can but only after analyzing what works for you and what not. Go through the plans and rules of other fellow entrepreneurs and when you begin to understand that, mould them as per your needs. The rule for rules is that once you understand them, you break them for creative reasons. Gustavo Razzetti, the CEO of Fearless Culture, says “Behavioral scientists found a correlation between dishonesty and creativity. People with the most creative jobs or mindsets are more likely to break the rules.” Rules in the fields like this can only help you to be on safer side and not be the game changer. But remember it not always the wise choice to break a rule. Take the example of Mark Zuckerberg who is one of the most successful entrepreneur today, broke the societal rule by dropping from dream college of many the Harvard because he had already developed Facebook but do you think dropping college and if that college is Harvard is a wise option. No right. So similarly you need to decide of your own.

So these were the simple little things that sometime or the other are needed to be said to get them noticed as they are simple enough to be neglected. Cheers for your future endeavours…



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