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Bindhya Sekar of Imayam Nursing Services

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your service? Bindhya Sekar: Imayam Nursing has got itself established, as a popular and affordable, nurses and caretakers outsourcing centre, with clients ranging from major hospitals to deprived individuals, elder people to patients with chronic illness. To name a few, our clients include Apollo Hospitals, Billroth Hospitals, Chinthamani Hospitals, Metha Hospitals etc. The list is not exhaustive and is growing everyday.

Great Companies: Can you elaborate upon your tagline "caring today for healthier tomorrow"? Bindhya Sekar:Post-operative patients may still have IV catheters in their arms, a finger device that measures oxygen levels in the blood and dressing at the surgical site. A breathing apparatus, a heartbeat monitor, a tube in the mouth, nose or the bladder may still be connected to the patient. The patient will require professionals to handle them with care and ensure complete recovery of the patient and his return to normalcy.Similarly, persons in their oldage also require assistance to make sure they stay healthy by maintaining hygiene, a good diet, proper medication and sufficient rest which also is assured with our caretakers.Imayam provides all these facilities to the needy thus ensuring enough care today for their healthier future.

Great Companies: What are the wide range of services provided by Imayam Nursing Services? Bindhya Sekar: Our services include care to post-operative patients, tracheostomy cases, patients requiring ryles tube feeding, jejunostomy care, stoma care, dressings, IV infusions, injection administration, baby care, etc.

Great Companies: What gave you the inspiration to open Imayam ? Bindhya Sekar: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – M.K.Gandhi. These words of Gandhi kept haunting me ever since my school days. Having waited long, I enrolled myself into a nursing school after my basic education. As a qualified nurse, I started my service in a popular hospital in the city. But the limited aid I could render during this period as an employee didn’t suffice my craving for service.With the ever growing need for nurses, I felt that I should be creating more such minds and expand akin facilities exponentially. My vision, then, was to establish a school for nursing and train as many persons as possible during this short span of life in this paradise. But post study career was one major attribute to motivate more people to choose nursing as a profession. This is when I established “Imayam Nursing”, a nurses sourcing centre, which catered to the need of hospitals and households equally.

Great Companies: How are you dealing with the current situation in the country as there is increased burden on our health staff due to rising Coronavirus Cases? Bindhya Sekar: As of now, I believe there is only one option which is to follow the directives of the Government very religiously. So all of us in our family are staying at home and experiencing the luxury of family bonding, which was infact, undreamt of a few weeks back owing to the work commitment. Apart from that, I have made sure that the underprivileged people around me are not greatly affected by the lockdown by ensuring they get the essentials in time, every time. I sincerely pray to god for the safety and well being of every health staff in the forefront dealing with this pandemic.



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