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Bidyut Kalita, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at OMEGA SECURITY SOLUTIONS

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or Concept for the business?

Bidyut Kalita: The execution of an idea is more important than the idea itself. Business is primarily about making money and there has to be some kind of Demand. The ideas behind the business I have been involved in were relatively straight forward. The initiatives were the result of combine Specialism.

I completed my Graduation in the year 1997 and I was preparing for some Competitive exams but could not clear viva though I cleared written. And then I moved to Delhi and tried some Private Jobs and worked in Couple of Companies. After working for Couple of years I decided to move outside India, but then the idea of opening up my own venture came in my mind with the experience of working in Delhi. And I returned back to Guwahati along with one of my school friends and started my own in 2002.

It’s been almost 20years and no looking back. In these last two decades we have been able to Successfully cater services to more than 300 organization (MNCs, Central Govt, State Govt). As we are into Manpower services, we have been able to provide employment to around 5000 Persons.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Omega Security Solutions?

Bidyut Kalita: We Started with Security Services and then we lately started Corporate Housekeeping, Payroll Management, Executive Staffing, Close Protection Officers, Crowd Management and Event Management through Manpower.

Great Companies: What makes Omega Security Solutions different from Hundreds of other similar Service Providers?

Bidyut Kalita:

There are many elements of our business and value proposition that makes us different, but what really defines us is our combination of top-down structured direction and bottom-up employee level engagement. The Processes, structure, and systems of our company are the machineries of Success, so we focus there to help our clients achieve organizational excellence. Without softer elements like culture, behavior, and individual empowerment to drive it, a company cannot unleash its potential. That’s why we take a balanced approach.

We provide a different experience to our clients because we focus on what is unique to them and combine it with our unique, balanced approach to create joint value.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Bidyut Kalita: Lack of Quality Manpower: The private security services industry is manpower intensive and requires a considerable number of Personnel to sustain its growth momentum. Availability of quality manpower is one of the key issues plaguing the industry. A majority of security guards do not receive significant higher wages than the stipulated minimum wages. This makes it difficult to attract and retain personnel.

Compliance Concerns: Increasing compliance requirements such as training and minimum wages can lead to escalation of costs which pressurizes margins as well as reduces the attractiveness of certain opportunities for leading players, where the unorganized sector, with low compliance costs, will be more cost competitive.

Our dependance on Manpower: The security industry has predominantly become manpower intensive. Due to lack of availability of skilled manpower most of the agencies hire people to meet the basic demand of guarding entrances and exists.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the Future? What does 5Years down the line look like for Omega Security solutions?

Bidyut Kalita: Having manpower with the right skills in the right number for the various jobs in the organization. Motivating the organization’s employees to be more productive and to perform at their maximum potential. Creating connections among the various resource planning activities of the organization and the organization’s business objectives.

In next five years, I would love to be a Manpower industry expert that others go for ideas, help and strategy. Secondly not confining to North Eastern States we would like to have a PAN India presence.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Bidyut Kalita: Business is eventually going to force you to be more disciplined and consistent. No business is going to be successful without consistent hard work. In a startup there are no weekends, no days off. Your business is your baby and its going to demand your attention. The only way to run a successful business and keep your sanity is to use your hours wisely. Don’t be fooled by the Calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of.



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