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Basil Products - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2022

Company Name: Basil Products

Founder’s Name: Shubhesh Goel

Company Detail: Wagging since 2015, dogs enrich the lives of humans and deserve special attention and support. BASIL products satisfy the growing demand for healthy and responsible pet care by offering a high-quality product level at competitive pricing. At BASIL, we test and develop innovative products for pet lovers and parents to enhance their journey with pets and make them happier and more memorable in all stages of a pet's life.

Creating Quality Pet products with a prime goal of pet welfare by using high quality and natural ingredients is the focus that is helping them gain and retain their loyal customers

Create Quality Pet products with prime goal of pet welfare

Location: New Delhi, India

Establishment (year): 2015

Employee size: 1-10 employees

Funding (type): Self-Funding

Business models: Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)

Business Category: Pet Care

Top reasons why customers choose to do business with them:

Its brand relation and reputation are strong with customers, who appreciate the quality of products and remain loyal to the brand.

As a result of the recent pandemic, how did they modify their business practices:

Due to an increase in adoptions, their business grew during the Pandemic, which helped them gain momentum. Furthermore, they are developing their D2C model in order to gain the digital client traffic that is being lost to competitors.

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