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Anupam Betala of Ashwin sales corporation

Great Companies: What are the various services and products that you provide?

Anupam Betala: A multi brand outlet with over 25 years of experience, we have been leading plumbing Distributor for North Karnataka. We are one stop solution for total water/plumbing related requirements.

we deal with all types hot and cold plumbing system , sanitary fitting, bathroom fitting and acceriosers, drip and sprinkler irrigation , major and macro irrigation , domestic and industrial pumps , and many more….

Great Companies: How do you ensure the efficiency of your work?

Anupam Betala: efficiency can only be brought by maintaining good range of branded material , timely supply with trust and cost constrains , and manly friendly atmosphere.

Great Companies:  Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

Anupam Betala: over the years experience and strong business ethics , we had build strong confidence  which leads to recurring third , forth referrals..

Great Companies:  What are the major issues faced while running this business?

Anupam Betala:our nature of work requires us to be updated with time , be it latest IT  technology or technical details of each and every mateial , transportation , timely delivery ( as these are bulky material)…

Great Companies:  What led you to this field?

Anupam Betala:  A home’s plumbing system is a complex network of water supply pipes, drainpipes, vent pipes, and more. Being civil engineering graduate , facing new challenges , hurdles and challenging nature made me to take up this ….



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