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Ankit Gupta- Managing Director of The Brain Seeder, TBS Initiative Pvt. Ltd.

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up? ANKIT GUPTA: It was in the year 2014, I commenced my start-up journey as The Brain Seeder, TBS Initiative Pvt. Ltd. I started this venture after realising that people are not at peace even after having most of the worldly possessions. After some research, I realised that it is all about ‘Mann’(mind), this made me took a step towards the journey of exploring ‘Mann’(Mind) through the study of Vedas, manuscripts and the scientific study of neurology. In the process of exploring, I worked closely with few experts and also published a research paper, the findings out of which were that the 5 senses in the brain get influenced by sound. In a fraction of second of sound, our reaction changes from one phase to another phase. Our body is made up of ‘Panchatatva’(five elements). At ‘The Brain Seeder’, we try to balance these five elements with the power of sound to enhance the brain potential by assessing the brainwaves of the participants. Till today we have served more than 3000 individuals through our two-way programmes. 1) Enhancement of brain potential using customised Panchatatva healing. 2) Profiling and counselling using tangible psychometric tools. Like customize graphology, customize painting psychometric analysis and Brain Wave Analysis We are the pioneers in India creating customised solutions using sound and vibration of Panchatatva using tangible psychometric analysis tools. GREAT COMPANIES: How do you manage your clients? ANKIT GUPTA: Everyone is unique and has the ability to excel, so each participant reacts and responds to therapy differently. Before the sessions, we ask our clients about their medical history and any current health problem and accordingly, we provide them with the customised solutions to balance their body, brain and soul. Sound therapy is a scientific and proven way of healing that works in compliment with medical help. GREAT COMPANIES: What is the purpose of your company? ANKIT GUPTA: The purpose of our company is to spread the ancient healing therapy of sounds and tangible psychometric tools in the most scientific way. To help mankind get relief from stress and mental ailment by replenishing brain potential with a customised soundtrack and by using tangible psychometric analysis tools and counselling.

GREAT COMPANIES:  What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job? ANKIT GUPTA: Sometimes people become sceptical when it comes to adapting alternative therapies to get relief from various mental, emotional and physical problems. GREAT COMPANIES: How does this company define and measures success? ANKIT GUPTA: I see my business success in the well-being of my patrons. In the first year (2015) I served around 60 individuals, it gets increased exponentially every year. Today I have more than 3000 client base and they have been all healthy and happy individuals. Nothing is more satisfying when your consumers say that given a chance, they would prefer to use only sound therapy to heal themselves. It is gratifying when my clients keep referring to me as their family and friend.  I feel satisfied that in some way I am able to blend the best of ancient wisdom and modern techniques for creating balance and well-being and helping human race in effectively dealing with the emotional, mental and physical issues from various sectors ranging from professionals, academicians, bureaucrats, children with special needs, homemakers, women entrepreneurs and students.



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