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Anitha Kumar of AK Interiors

Great Companies: Kindly brief the services provided by your firm.

Anitha Kumar: AK Interiors is an interior Designing & decorating firm based in Bangalore. We specialize in modular kitchens, wardrobes, storage units ranging in textures and patterns and we have undertaken projects from all over Bangalore.

A family occupation for over generations, AK Interiors, as it is now, was founded in 1995 by Mr. Kumar (My Husband), the founder, and current proprietor, and has gained a reputation of quality and reliability with five-star ratings across various online portals and stands as a one-stop solution for everything you'd need for the perfect dream home.

Along with giving customers a highly detailed 3D design for their customized interests, our team of skilled labor and experts from various fields come together to provide you with the following services -

⦁ Traditional and contemporary designed kitchens

⦁ Wardrobes and other storage units

⦁ pooja units

⦁ entertainment space decor

⦁ living room furniture and decor

⦁ solid wood furniture

⦁ sofa units

⦁ dining sets

⦁ bedrooms and kids study

⦁ foyer units

⦁ office workstations

⦁ commercial interiors

⦁ false ceiling works

Apart from the aforementioned services we also cover secondary assistance in other works like -

⦁ granite works

⦁ glasswork

⦁ fabrication, curtains, decor

⦁ wallpapers, wooden floorings

⦁ electrical, plumbing, civil works

⦁ and painting work

Great Companies: Why should one choose AK Interiors over others?

Anitha Kumar: Here at AK Interiors we understand and cater to the demanding, fast-paced lifestyle of city dwellers. People choose time efficiency over anything because the most expensive asset today is the time at hand. Because of this many tend to pick fast solutions without a second thought to quality.

AK Interiors is a reputed name in households across customers today because of our quality and skilled workmanship. Our relationship with customers goes beyond monetary benefits and is built on trust between both parties. This is clearly reflected in the fact that the majority of our projects are referrals from previous satisfied customers. We strive to make sure that the essence of our work isn't lost when delivering quality materials within a short time frame, while also giving customers flexible budget options for the customized designs.

Great Companies: Why do you think it is necessary to hire an interior designer?

Anitha Kumar: Long exhausting days leave us craving for comfort at the leisure of our homes. Hence it is important that the place you seek warmth in is just as welcoming as you'd desire for it to be. An interior designer does this job for you. We can help customers realize their visions, their tastes for decor and bring it to life so that your house feels like Home.

It helps to get a professional view from someone to cater to their practical needs, which on their own customers might overlook. Yes, minor details are that important and if not done right, the slightest inconvenience can be a huge setback to the feel of the place too.

Designing your homes isn't an expenditure. Its an investment. and we're here to make sure you invest your time and budget on the right things.

Great Companies: What was the intention behind the initiation of this venture?

Anitha Kumar: AK Interiors began as the solo adventure of a single person twenty-five years ago and has blossomed into a firm that brings the dreams of many to light. this firm was started with only hope and the determination to crush degrading stereotypes surrounding carpentry and other similar occupations. we wanted to bring a modern touch to the traditional handwork by incorporating machinery and technology for precision and time efficiency.

This was also an attempt to bring together the scattered young force of our community and cultivate their skills to a professional level and build in them newfound respect for their identity.

We aim to take this profession to new heights and possibly have a chance at work though out more diverse regions.

Great Companies: Do you have any message for the young graduates in the field?

Anitha Kumar: All good things come with patience and time and this venture is no different. The roads won't always be ones of smooth sailing but these obstacles will build strength, give you new knowledge and experience. Be an open-minded creative as this is a field that demands fast adapting to change. We believe this art and skill should be something that should be celebrated rather than be shunned upon when considered a career option.

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1 Comment

Oct 18, 2023

Really we are proud of AK interior

All the best your hard work,,,

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