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Aninder Singh Sethi- Owner of Vision My Art

Great Companies: Can you brief the aim of your company?

Aninder Singh: The main motive of my company "Vision My Art" is always one, Customer Satisfaction. But the Aim cannot be one after achieving the one also. I always want my company to become the best digital marketing agency in the world, and we can call its a dream if it ever gets a chance to represent the digital marketing industry on behalf of India. 

Great Companies: What was the motive behind the founding of this company?

Aninder Singh:  "Vision My Art" was a dream during the old days of Job, but the vision was something different. I always believe that one day people will definitely understand and focus on the "Vision" behind "My Art".

Great Companies: How do you assure that your clients have been provided with the best fit for their requirements?

Aninder Singh: "Satisfaction Level" always defines the way your work, rather than words you speak. I along with my team is fully responsible for the design - creatives, web and social media what we deliver to our clients. 

Great Companies:  What are the struggles that you commonly get to face while recruiting?

Aninder Singh: This is seriously very tough competition, while hiring staff with the right approach, we always gets too many challenges but we always strive to get their test before joinings. That makes them justify.

Great Companies:  Do you provide the training of candidates?

Aninder Singh: Yes we always provide internships to the freshers after joining our company and Experienced persons most of just need to understand the way we work and deliver the client's expectations. 



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