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Anil Goyal, Founder at CapSavvy Consultants Pvt Ltd

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Anil Goyal : After passing Chartered Accountancy final exam with national rank in 1995, through campus placement, Anil could get an opportunity to work with IDBI in credit division, where his role was to evaluate project funding cases and keeping track of their business progress through various check-points. Working with IDBI and specially under Mr Debasish Mallick, it gave a rock-solid platform for Anil’s career growth. IDBI platform gave him an opportunity to interact with Entrepreneurs, who showed their persistence, team-work ability, risk-taking ability, leadership skills, creativity, self confidence etc, while show-casing their projects during evaluation stage by IDBI.

Post IDBI, Anil had worked at a leadership positions with SKIL Group, IL&FS, Mangalore SEZ, Mexus Education and Meril Life Sciences. Having worked at leadership positions and taking ownership for top-line and bottom-line, it gradually engraved a sense of entrepreneurship in Anil’s working style. While managing Mexus Education as Managing Director & CEO for more than 10 years and leading cross-functional team of more than 1500 people, Anil gained rich qualities of an Entrepreneur while dealing with various organisational challenges such as maintaining performance levels, managing employee productivity, communication improvements, teamwork, systems developments, service management, cash-flow management, regulatory challenges, managing internal and external scepticism, managing workplace culture/ diversity, stimulating innovation, change management, downsizing, competition management etc

Having born in Agarwal family and with deep understanding gained during leadership positions at various organisations, Anil decided to become an entrepreneur and started his own company CapSavvy Consultants Private Limited during November 2019 with full support of his wife Aruna Goyal, who is a post graduate and an artist by profession and his son Ayush Goyal, who is post graduate from IIT, Varanasi.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by CapSavvy Consultants

Anil Goyal : CapSavvy, an award-winning ISO 9001:2015 company, is an expert financial and business advisors that focuses on providing multifaceted advisory to cater the growing demands of modern businesses to compete globally and thrive in a fast-paced & challenging economy. CapSavvy’s range of services are designed to upgrade businesses and fast forward their growth through bouquet of services such as

- Business Strategy

- Start-up Advisory and Funding

- Financial Restructuring

- Equity Fundraising

- Debt Syndication

- CFO Services

- SEZ Services

Backed by an experienced advisory panel comprising of chartered accountants, bankers, technocrats and management professionals, CapSavvy becomes partner for the growth and progress of the business in today's fast moving digital world and let the promoters focus on their core business activities.

Great Companies: What makes CapSavvy Consultants different from hundreds of other financial consulting companies?

Anil Goyal : CapSavvy has been providing business and financial advisory to various type of organisations from SMEs and large corporate and covering new-age sectors such as E-commerce and start-up to well established sectors such as Real-estate and infrastructure. Currently, CapSavvy is serving clients in E-commerce, Home-Appliances, Health Products, Sports Equipments, Aircraft Maintenance, Shipyard, Real Estate, Food sector, Plastic Industry, Logistic and so on

Usually, founders of businesses tend to be the experts of their products, but face difficulty managing the variety of other business activities especially financial functions. CapSavvy bridges this gap by taking care of their financial and growth management.

Commenting on initial phase of CapSavvy, Anil mentioned that “the most important factor for growth of any organisation during initial years is to win trust of its initial customers, who become company’s well-wishers and help for its growth. We were fortunate and blessed that our initial customers were referred to us from our close-circle friends group, who believed in us over last 25 years”.

CapSavvy’s approach is modern and unique while serving the clients. They work with their client through “Business Partner Approach”. Under this unique approach, CapSavvy team gets into shoes of their client and understand their business needs through their eye, so as to ensure personalised and effective advice.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Anil Goyal : During initial period of CapSavvy, major challenge was to look for right candidates, who are like-minded and believe in CapSavvy vision and objectives. Company thoughtfully used social media platforms such as Linked-in, Indeed etc to reach out to right candidates and hand-picked them. Being a new entrant in the already crowded advisory space, it was difficult for CapSavvy to hire good candidates. However, due to past reputation of its founders, CapSavvy could get associated with a good mix of team.

Another challenge at CapSavvy during initial phase was to tie up with right ERP agency to manage clients’ projects and internal service team. CapSavvy had evaluated many ERP, Lead management software and Project Management Software. After thoughtful consideration and in order to serve its clients in best possible way, CapSavvy tied-up with Zoho Suite, who is currently best among all available options in ERP.

A common challenge for any new company is to fulfil all regulatory requirements and managing compliances. At CapSavvy, they found it easier to manage due to founders’ prior experience of running successful ventures at leadership positions

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for CapSavvy Consultants?

Anil Goyal : For last five decades, SMEs & MSMEs have emerged as a highly dynamic and vibrant sector of the Indian Economy. The agility and dynamism of the sector have shown admirable adaptability to survive in the Covid Pandemic.

“Concerted effort must be made for all-round growth and development through a strategy of widespread industrialization in a decentralized manner. This will provide large employment opportunities and produce wide-ranging goods and services to fulfill the aspiration of ‘Make in India and Make for the World’. Decentralized industrialization can be best provided by healthy and systematic growth of MSMEs”, asserts Mr. Debasish Mallick, non-executive vice chairman of CapSavvy

CapSavvy foresees to become the best financial and business advisor in managing challenges of the modern business world and to achieve this, CapSavvy dedicatedly provides genuine & customized services that lead to high ROI.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Anil Goyal : Strategies for achieving growth and creating a balanced and equal industrial economy varies from sector to sector and company to company. Ongoing pandemic situation is the time when understanding the gravity of the situation and turning it favourable for the business is all that matters to let it sail smoothly in these difficult times. Anil shares a few common suggestions and strategies, that can be adopted by companies to stay connected and afloat and create a balanced and equal industrial economy:

  • Focus of core-competency and quality enhancement

  • Outsourcing non-core products/ work to vendors

  • Maintaining healthy relationship with stakeholders

  • Managing employees & related optimization



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