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Anant Singh/Anubha Singhai of PHYSIOTIMES

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your organisation?

Anant Singh/Anubha Singhai : Phycon Healthcare Private Limited was Incorporated in March 2019 with a Vision to provide Physiotherapy for Masses and Serve the People at large We have started with single Clinic and developed software to manage and standardised the Clinical Practice of Physiotherapy and Within 4 Month of Incorporation Phycon Healthcare Acquired PHYSIOTIMES Magazine which is the one and only Magazine in India for Physiotherapy PHYSIOTIMES is a 10 years old brand in Physiotherapy as its India’s first magazine by, for and of Physiotherapists. It’s a means of connecting readers across the globe with authors keen to share their knowledge and making Physiotherapy profession to grow. Just after this Acquisition Phycon Healthcare started Investment Campaign for their Dream Project of Chain of Physiotherapy Clinics Within 6 Month of this Campaign Phycon Healthcare able to raise 1 Crore from Series A Fund and Founded a Joint Venture PhysiQure Healthcare Private Limited PhysiQure team has well qualified and trained physiotherapists in Bhopal, who dedicate themselves to bring you the best therapy for faster healing. We choose the best protocol-led treatment plan which will make the recovery a positive and painless process. The use of technology in Physiotherapy will make it reachable and accessible to all with ease. Technology will enable us to scale and provide unified and quality solution to all.

Great Companies: How do you motivate people to adopt to physiotherapy ?

Anant Singh/Anubha Singhai : Physiotherapy is Branch of Medical Science that heals with the help of Physical Agents and Exercises. In healthcare System it is impossible to exclude Movements/ Exercises , The Role of Physiotherapy is from ICU to Tertiary Care . Modern ICU do have Early Mobility team to reduce Comorbidity and in tertiary Rehab Care Physiotherapy is Unavoidable. The Major Challenge is to make people understand about the importance of Exercises as they Consider Medicine is the only treatment. PhysiQure do Extensive Campaigns to make people understand about the Importance of Physiotherapy . What is the Main Expectation of a Patient : “Recovery “ PhysiQure with the help of Shorts term and long term Goal Plans make people comfortable with Physiotherapy . Adherence to Physiotherapy Sessions is major Challenge. PhysiQure is solving this problem by using technology to make it more user friendly We have Developed Result Oriented Protocols and believe in Result Oriented Physiotherapy We are a team of innovative, empathetic, exemplary healthcare professionals who are driven by passion, inspiration and performance as we care for our clients from every age, stage and walk of life. Patients in Bhopal are aware about the need and effects of Physiotherapy. We provide the most advanced and best Physiotherapy services that are affordable and approachable.

Great Companies: Can you tell us a little about your magazine "PHYSIOTIMES"?

Anant Singh/Anubha Singhai : PHYSIOTIMES is India’s first and only magazine for Physiotherapists. It is an RNI registered (REG No.GUJENG/2009/30341) bi-monthly peer-reviewed magazine with ISSN No.0976-1993. The maiden issue was published in July 2009 and is currently running in its 11th successful year. PHYSIOTIMES provides a vibrant & interactive platform to physiotherapists across the globe for meaningful exchange of contemporary information covering the entire gamut of physiotherapy. PHYSIOTIMES is having PAN India Presence with around 10000+ Readers. The Major Aim of PHYSIOTIMES is to provide quality Content to Physiotherapist of India. With more than 400 + Authors PHYSIOTIMES is delivering the best to upgrade the standards of Physiotherapy . As time we should adopt with recent changes so PHYSIOTIMES published Mobile app to have its presence at digital Platform

Great Companies: What motivated you to Acquire a magazine for physiotherapists?

Anant Singh/Anubha Singhai : PHYSIOTIMES is a 10 year Old Brand , the Founder of PHYSIOTIMES , Mukesh Nayak and Bhumika Nayak did a lot of Work to establish this Platform but due to some personal reasons they have decided to close the operations. When we realised that how Physiotherapist of India is Closely associated with PHYSIOTIMES and if it is stopped , that would be a huge loss of my Profession . So you can say that this Acquisition is little Emotional and we don’t Want that PHYSIOTIMES should be Discontinued . Though the decision making and entire process took a little longer but we were on tract from July 2019 . PHYSIOTIMES was Delivering the best and will deliver the best to Our Physiotherapy Community. We have always felt the need to spread the knowledge and latest informations in the field of Physiotherapy. Since there are no other medium available for peer review, the idea of connecting one end to other to enhance the knowledge and expertise seemed great.

Great Companies: How do you plan to achieve success in your future endeavors?

Anant Singh/Anubha Singhai : We do follow the rules the chess and one of the major rule is to create backups .. Yes in our all endeavors we are creating a backups first so in adverse scenario there should not be steeper fall. For future plans as we have cleared for Series A Funding we would utilise that fund in development of system to deliver Physiotherapy for Masses . PhysiQure Healthcare private limited is working hard to achieve that, we have started from 2 people and now having a team of 23 which itself is very motivating. Investment is like Ingredient, the Awesome dish is prepared by Great recipe (Process ) and fine Preparation (Execution). We are Going Phase wise to establish our clinics , In first Phase we have planned for 10 clinics in MP which would be more in near future .



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