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Amit Ravindra Deokule, Founder at Soulomkar

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Amit Ravindra Deokule: In 2011, I became the professional coach. I was always interested in the subjects like Management and Leadership when I used to work in Finance department and after carrying 15 years of experience in Finance, the said phase actually stimulated my passion to become the coach! While establishing my own firm, I just thought that I want to create my identity of the firm which will have spiritual portrayal indirectly and it depicted somewhere in the name, SOULOMKAR being Omkar is the origination of sound from the universe and Soul is the ultimate truth of mankind which is universal truth! It is like when you search for own potentials within you, what matters is Passion and it got revealed very naturally but with a bit delay although I had no regret with the same! Because of my passion I became the life balance and master spirit life coach within no time and my conviction in coaching was acknowledged by renowned coach and the founder of CCA, Canada Mr. Randin Brons who proved to be my decision making source to get into this business with audacity since it was a total diversification.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Soulomkar?

Amit Ravindra Deokule: Soulomkar is the platform where it coaches students, professionals, teachers and even entrepreneurs to grow themselves mindfully and even professionally in their own respective expertise they have by developing life skills which play an integral part of everyone's life. Soulomkar's focus is on developing people with leadership skills, emotional intelligence, cultivating right attitude, building right potentials and approach to grow exponentially. Soulomkar nurtures people's behavioral patterns indirectly so well that at times very naturally its clients express likewise and it is important in the corporate industry. Being a coach, even at times musical skills(being a poet, writer, composer and singer) are being used to persuade clients through demonstrations, questionnaires and various exercises by applying natural music therapy techniques, too!

Great Companies: What makes Soulomkar different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Amit Ravindra Deokule: Soulomkar's multi level views with variety in imparting knowledge through questioning, examples, case study discussions, exercises makes Soulomkar a versatile coaching firm because in many of its feedbacks, clients have enumerated that the coach makes us think a lot by opting out for various techniques in his sessions having knowledge from various streams. Soulomkar has presented six research papers so far in different national and international conferences and people have approached Soulomkar after reading different articles of its own to write for their organization. The best example is; one professional lade Leona Albert after reading my article from one International Magazine on Music Healing approached the coach for writing a research paper and article for her organization of Journal of Psychology & behavior research , Los Angeles, CA. Soulomkar's contribution in the field of education phenomenally makes Soulomkar different. Various awards in Soulomkar's kitty makes Soulomkar a special coaching firm predominantly from education stream!

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Amit Ravindra Deokule: Initially when Soulomkar started with coaching activity, it did not had lot of sources to start earning because in 2011 coaching era was in its raw stage and hence Soulomkar by keeping benevolent approach at the beginning started with social organizations and it helped many physically challenged, visually challenged students including Cerebralpalsy students, or even students suffering from Autism where earning was secondary. Even at times people used to treat the coach as if he is a spiritualist and used to ignore him and his repertoire of coaching by saying that we know spirituality quite well. To overcome this, Soulomkar got connected with BNI platform and that was a turning point. Also to overcome challenges, Soulomkar remained visible via email mode, social media consistently which fetched fantastic results. Networking with variety of people also helped Soulomkar in overcoming business challenges. Lot of International coaching personalities are connected with Soulomkar because of its vigor to be in the league of those learned people from whom many things can be learnt.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What do 5 years down the line look like for Soulomkar?

Amit Ravindra Deokule: Soulomkar has always thought about present to make it to the best and it believes in one fact, "Always keep your passion alive and determination intact at every step!" Even Soulomkar believes in having right intention to help people and this has helped Soulomkar to establish future diligently. Soulomkar has plans to get into research more by being in educational field in coming days along with corporate sector mainly small and medium sector organizations. Soulomkar has plans to connect with foreign countries and expands its vision globally in coming days and it is on its way. In 2023 the coach has been invited by Teri-E Belf who is the first even Master Certified Coach of ICF and an award winner of ICF in coaching and a great spiritualist to deliver the lecture on one self created module of the coach based on his poem "CALCULATED RISK" for her community SUN online. Soulomkar has a plan to develop a land somewhere for the benefit of the people where it will be a structure like Ashram in a serene place and people will utilize the same for their own well being.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Amit Ravindra Deokule: "Do you have a hunger to achieve something and a passion intact to grow exponentially with selfless attitude to some extent? because then things will fall in place miraculously! Be Consistent, Constant and Continuous in what you do! That is the mantra. Soulomkar proved that recently where the coach got nominated for the highest civilian award of Indian Government, PADMASHRI in 2022 and whether he will get it or not but among 135 crore population of India , it will always get recorded in Indian Government's history that he was nominated for Padmashri which is precious for SOULOMKAR.



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