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Amit Kumar Choudhary of Elemental Architecture and Design Consultant

Great Companies: What would you say makes Elemental architecture and design consultants unique?

Amit kumar choudhary: Elemental architecture and design consultant is a house of design and development. We herein always focus to get the creative and innovative output for every project, which also fulfill the client requirement in every aspects. Architecture is a journey of spaces inside and outside the building with the legs of geometry and material and we try to reflect the same in our works.

Great Companies: What is the vision behind Elemental architecture and design consultant?

Amit kumar choudhary: India is a country with high scale of population density and we are approaching rapidly towards development with time. Infrastructure development is one of the basic aspect in the movement of development. Our goal is to craft the infrastructure with organized planning and sensible living for the better life style of people and tomorrow. Right from the slums redevelopment of the individual unit in a rural scale to industries, MUD, apartment in a urban scale. We feel privileged with the challenges, limitation and setbacks and always approaches towards the efficient and creative output out of that frame.

Great Companies: What are the different services provided by Elemental architecture and design consultants?

Amit kumar choudhary: Well our firm name elemental architecture and design consultant itself define the services we provide. Besides architecture consultancy we also provide design consultancy in every scale of element, spaces, product, digital and surrounding.

Great Companies: What are some of the projects Elemental architecture and design consultant has worked on?

Amit kumar choudhary: Tiny house, Pre-fabricated shelter, Residence, Bungalow, Apartment, Hotel. This are the list of scale of project we have completed so far.

Great Companies: How would you say Elemental architecture and design consultant assures great work?

Amit kumar choudhary:It start from the initiation to completion. When we got a new project we first try to understand and get familiar with all the aspect, limitation, challenges of the project. That helps us to portray the clear picture of the project and the client requirement and then we proceed forward to grab the effective and efficient output out of the given project.



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