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Ajita Madan, CEO at NthAdventure Evento Private Limited

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Ajita Madan : In short, “A dream to amplify our adventures led us to the formation of NthAdventure” – An only licensed Adventure Racing Organization in India

We wanted to explore more outdoors, indulge with nature and then we were like What’s next? While we were searching for our answers, we found Patagonian Adventure Race which was a 700 Km Expedition style Race, where there was NO support from outside, No motor involved, No GPS or Satellite based maps and adding to this it’s a TEAM EVENT with ONE female or male which is a mandatory for a team of FOUR. Our curiosity led us to explore deeper and we realised it’s a big ocean of Adventure Races across the Globe having Documentaries, TV Series and more. We were looking for the nearest race where we can physically go and experience this massive sport. That’s when we came across “GODZONE adventure race – Queenstown, New Zealand”, and got our first-hand experience as a Race Marshall learning inside and out about this sport. We learnt so much about this sport and athletes that we just fell in love. That dream we saw with an open eye led us to form NthAdventure, an organization with a huge heart for AR growing in leaps and bounds to introduce the best sport to every person who love Adventure. ADVENTURE RACING is termed as the world’s toughest Team Race – Prove us wrong. We are making Adventure Racing accessible to every Indian with same level of standardization attracting international athletes to race and experience India’s adventure side as well as its culture and hospitality.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by NthAdventure Evento Private Limited

Ajita Madan : Our Motto is “Amplifying Adventure” and with our every race and service we amplify your adventure. NthAdventure is Proud to say that, we are the ONLY INDIAN Organization licensed and authorized to Host Adventure Racing in India as part of Adventure Racing World Series – ARWS Asia Series.

Our Premium Services Includes:

· ARWS Asia Series

· 48 Hours India Regional Championship (IRC)

· 8 / 12 Hours National Adventure Racing Series (NARS)

Other Specialization:

· Orienteering (Trail O, MTB O, Kayak O & Rogaining)

· Maze Run

· All Ladies Adventure Group (ALAG - a women only group)

· Adventure Race Clinics (Workshops)

· Adventure Racing for Corporates

· Adventure Racing for Educational Institutions

· Outdoor trainings for Schools, colleges, communities, and corporates

Great Companies: What makes NthAdventure Evento Private Limited different from hundreds of other Outdoor & Adventure Sports Firms?

Our Events are niche as are our Adventure Racers. Every race we conduct, are governed by international guidelines set by AR World Series. Once Teams race with NthAdventure they can participate in any race across the globe. Holding an international License to conduct Adventure Racing events across India gives our athletes an upper hand to learn and explore the sport at a global level, compete for the Global Ranking, all-paid entry to ARWS Asia Championship, National Championship and more.

With our other specialized services, we aim to promote an outdoor culture fueled by various Adventure Sports, Trainings, and mini versions of Adventure Racing which imparts leadership, better communication, time management, survival skills and other life-skills. We are also on the urge of creating a skilled team who can represent INDIA in various Adventure Racing World Championships.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Awareness of “Adventure Racing” sport in India which is a GLOBAL sport having annual Championships hosted in various parts of the world. Misconception of calling every multisport event as Adventure Race. Reach & Access to avid athletes and India’s vast and gigantic destinations meant for such sports. Permissions, approvals from Government bodies & various stakeholders where massive logistical support required to host Expedition style races. We really hope that through our National & ASIA Race Series we can create more awareness so that this sport also gets Government as well as other stakeholders support to invite all in-house & international athletes.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for NthAdventure Evento Private Limited?

1. Our aim is to see India to be recognized as one of the destinations for Expedition Races annually, part of ARWS global race circuit.

2. Host Adventure Racing World Series Championship in India

3. Host National Adventure Race Series in multiple states of India

4. Connecting and creating an impact in society through outdoor sports

5. Adventure Racing to be recognized as a sport where athletes are supported by Brands and States.

6. Introduce many athletes as possible and states to host these races growing social and economic benefits

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

If you can Dream it, you can do it. For us, it all started with a DREAM, and we continue to LIVE THE DREAM. Find something that inspires, motivate, and give you that adrenaline rush in life, just stick around, seize the opportunities come your way and Amplify your Adventure in every aspect.



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