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Aftab Khatib- Marketing Director of Lifestyle Studio Kitchens

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling us a little bit about Lifestyle studio Kitchens?

Aftab Khatib: Lifestyle Studio Kitchens are into selling modular kitchens, modular wardrobes and appliances on the digital platform as well as in retail / Project.

This was started in the year 2018 as this was one of the largest growing industry in the world. We are team of 9 people and in such s a short span executed a number of projects in GOA and Hyderabad.

Great Companies: How did Lifestyle studio Kitchens come into being? What is its success mantra?

Aftab Khatib: This came into existence when we saw a passion drive in people wanting to have Modern Homes with the best of Modern Accessories." Home is where the heart is and the kitchen is the heart of the Home" became our tagline. Success Mantra- "Work Hard and Let Success Make the Noise".

Great Companies: Do you welcome client involvement or do you prefer clients to be hands-off?

Aftab Khatib: Yes we want the client especially the ladies who will be using give us  a feedback who will be using it on a practicality platform. Their involvement is fine till the order is placed, once ordered we want the clients hands off or be ready to put hands in their pockets.

Great Companies: What does Lifestyle studio Kitchens prioritize during budgeting?

Aftab Khatib: How deep is your pocket? This has to be the first line in getting the project, then it boils down to "Itna Paisa mein Itanaich milenga".

Great Companies: Can you tell us about your future endeavours? How does Lifestyle studio Kitchens look to you 5 years down the line?

Aftab Khatib: We want to grow this business and make Modular furniture within the reach of each Household by giving them a better product at the same price what a Local Carpenter gives. We want to do a Franchising model for PAN INDIA.

5 years down the line: we want to be recognized in the INDIAN market as at least a 100 crore company, with branches all over India.



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