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Acute Acupuncture Ltd - Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2023

Business Name: Acute Acupuncture Ltd

Name: Nathan Wafstet

Location: Wellington Central, New Zealand

Establishment (Year): 2018

Category / Industry: Health & Wellness

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Alternative Wellness

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

LinkedIn URL: LinkedIn

Company Detail:

Acute Acupuncture is the highest rated acupuncture clinic in the capital of New Zealand. They offer acupuncture, Tuina medical massage, and other traditional Chinese medicine.

Specialization Product/Services:

Acupuncture for mental emotional health, injury’s, chronic conditions.

Unique Value Proposition:

Nathan loves what he does, there is nothing more satisfying then to have the ability to help people. At the end of the day his cup is overflowing. He knows he has done his job when the patient no longer needs him.

A customer’s review:

Best value for the cost, Reliable products/services, Best Service, Understands my needs

Community / Society Service:

Patients come in for an acupuncture treatment, when they come in he is not Just giving them a treatment. When they come into his clinic, he gives them more than the acupuncture, he gives them a lifestyle. A true value then only just a treatment.



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