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Abhishek Bhatia of Value Edge Solutions

Great Companies: Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company’s mission and vision? Abhishek Bhatia: I have been in the IT software industry for the last 20 years and had the opportunity to work with few Fortune 500 companies over these years. Started off Value Edge Solutions to bring my extensive expertise in Software Solutions to the customers. We work with our SOUL and touch SOULs of our customers. Our Mission –Offer sustainable business solutions, thus creating value for CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES, PARTNERS &SELF. Our Vision –INNOVATE: Strive to innovate in every association, be it CONSULTING or SOFTWARE SERVICES INVIGORATE: Strive to bring freshness, be it SERVICES or CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP SUSTAIN: Strive to provide SUSTAINABLE Business Solutions and achieve SUSTAINABLE RELATIONSHIP Great Companies: What does Value Edge Solutions specialize in? And how do clients benefit themselves from it? Abhishek Bhatia: Value Edge Solutions is into providing Customized software solutions like Cloud/Business Process Automation solutions, System Integration, 3 rd Party interfacing, Enterprise Mobility solutions (native mobile apps), Augmented Reality, Sales Automation & Customized CRM solutions. Benefits to Customers: We speak the language that our customers understand as we work as Technology Partner, not as a Vendor developing something. We understand the BUSINESS NEED. We have our libraries which makes our time required to deliver faster. We handhold our customers during the rollout thus bring comfort and satisfaction.

Great Companies: How has Value Edge Solutions branched over the course of time? Abhishek Bhatia: Two bifurcations that we created over a period 1) We developed few products like CRM (which can be customized as per the need apart from the features that are readily available). We also developed a Sales Automation solution. These products help us cater and target an audience which never existed for us 2) We ventured into Augmented Reality, which brings in a very different WOW factor and also enabled us to target a very different market segment.

Great Companies: What do you plan to achieve in 5 years down the line? Abhishek Bhatia: We plan to have our office in US with in the next 5 years, offering some extensive Business Solutions into Business Intelligence and AI going forward. Our objective is to create value for our Customers and for our Employees.

Great Companies: Value Edge Solutions seem to have a lot of satisfied customers, how do you manage to keep them so happy? Abhishek Bhatia: Our biggest USP is that we work with our SOUL and touch the SOUL of our customers. As we understand the language that our customer speaks, we are able to create that trust and deep relationship with all of them. Of-course we back all this up with the product deliveries for our customers and being available for them all the time. We also ensure that are employees are in sync with our philosophy, that ensuring the same experience even when our customers interact with our employees. Happiness is a way of life in our organization which also infects our customers



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