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Monce C. Abraham Founder THEV Consulting

Great Companies: Can you commence by telling a little about your business?

Monce C. Abraham: The backgrounds for the entrepreneurs and business leaders, my firm THEV Consulting has created value for, include Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Cambridge, World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders (WEF YGLs), Fortune 500 CEOs, IIMs, IITs, RECs, McKinsey, non-profit founders and top level management. With almost 10 years of experience in leading organisations through their Marketing, Branding, Research, Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and CSR efforts, THEV Consulting has helped its clients overcome some of their biggest business challenges, surmount growth plateaus, improve efficiency, build innovation capability and achieve thought leadership.

Great Companies: How did THEV Consulting come into being? And how has your exceptional expertise helped it?

Monce C. Abraham: I founded THEV Consulting when I turned 25 years of age. I had already worked at some leading organizations and could feel my capabilities and skills getting better year on year, managing more and more responsibilities within shorter time periods at a young age. Turning 25 was turning out to be painful given the feeling of still not testing my limits, and living up to the larger potential inside me.

Though my initial plan was to keep creating value for whichever single company I was associated with in a full-time role, I realized I could probably help more and more companies (instead of just one at a time) achieve results in shorter periods, and thus went on to found the company with encouragement and support for the same, from my family.

Great Companies: What special services does THEV provide to its clients?

Monce C. Abraham: THEV Consulting helps enable organisations navigate through their Marketing, Branding, Research, Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and CSR efforts.

Great Companies: What is the vision behind THEV Consulting?

Monce C. Abraham: THEV Consulting understands and respects the tremendous will, energy and effort put in to build organizations of long term value, and it hopes to continue to be an enabling partner to help more and more organizations navigate their way to greater success within shorter time periods.

Great Companies: What is your success mantra?

Monce C. Abraham: "If you are Destined to Succeed, Nothing can stop you" Work Smart. Work Hard. Never Give Up.

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