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Great Companies- How did you get the idea of 'Pilipili Entertainment'?

SAJNI SRIVASTAVA: Well we are from Bollywood & ShahRukh khan has the company called Red Chillies so we thought why not keep our company name PiliPili which means Hot, so that's how we got the idea of PiliPili Entertainment.

Great Companies- What were the initial problems that you faced while establishing your company?

SAJNI SRIVASTAVA: We had lots of problems while establishing because East Africa was a new place for us to set up this company,since it's a Virgin market we had to understand the Market ..

Great Companies- How has been your journey so far?

SAJNI SRIVASTAVA: Well u forget about all the Problems & Hard work once your work is been rewarded & Appreciated not only in That country but all over the world.

Great Companies- What is the ultimate goal of your company and how you plan to achieve it?

SAJNI SRIVASTAVA: Well our ultimate goal is to provide good content & entertainment to our viewers & also with stuff that is message oriented. Great Companies- Any advice you would like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

SAJNI SRIVASTAVA: I would like to say that keep going focus on your goal..Accept challenges & my motto is that Today's victory is tomorrow's challenge.

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