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INTERVIEWER- Why you wanted to be a Make-up artist? What do you like most about your profession?

ANJALI TATER: I started my career as an Event Planner initially. I came across people from various industries and the Fashion world topped it all. Being mesmerized by the colourful and a creative life of a fashionista, my passion for fashion grew, I discovered the art of makeup and turned my passion into my career. Totally addicted to the job, I found myself making the world a more beautiful place elbow deep in makeup, researching makeup, experimenting with makeup, or daydreaming about makeup.

INTERVIEWER- A makeup artist is not a conventional profession, how did your family and friends respond when you told them that you want to be a makeup artist?

ANJALI TATER: I am a girl who's born and brought up in a family of entrepreneurs. I was always taught to never stay idol. Since childhood, I was involved in painting, accessory making and crafts as part of extra-curricular activities. I knew I'm not the one to be in a Nine-to-five job. My parents were aware of my interests, they pushed me forward to do it. My Mom is my support pillar in all this!

INTERVIEWER- How has been your journey so far?

ANJALI TATER: I was drawn towards the makeup and the fashion industry because of the mass culture and the diversified ideologies, values, cultures, so on and so forth. Working alongside with various music artists, sports personalities, editors, TVCs, commercials, bridal, runway, advertising, fashion bloggers, photographers, etc. brings out the variation in the job. I did not have to struggle a lot because I was clear about who I wanted to work with, and the kind of work I wanted to do.The fascination in this career space is quenched by networking, exploring and experimenting with colours, looks, locations, cosmetics, styles, and other attributes.

INTERVIEWER- What are the core values that help you do better?

ANJALI TATER: I believe in inner beauty more than external beauty. External Beauty is just skin-deep, any alterations could be made with the upcoming technologies, science, cosmetics, etc. However, when it comes to inner beauty, it never needs Make-Up. If you're beautiful from inside you automatically are beautiful outside. I truly believe in enhancing the features than changing the all over look of a person.

INTERVIEWER- Any advice or suggestions you would like to give to an aspiring makeup artist?

ANJALI TATER: With so many artists in the field, it is vital to have one’s signature style that helps one stand out. My signature style is Glass like skin, and I personally love working with highlighters and illuminators. If you are switching careers, note - it is not easy.

•Take classes to enhance your skills.

•Assist MakeUp Artists, intern with them. Have Hands-on experience.

•Stay updated with trends, research constantly.

•Change styles frequently, according to photographers, designers, to stay in the game.

•Last but not the least, never assume expensive products can make you a MakeUp Artist!

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