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Ryanair is a VCC ( Very Cool Company)

Ryanair is Europe's most profitable airline ( about $400 million in profit so far this year).

In the past 12 months Ryanair has flown 35 million passengers at an average ticket price of of just over $50. And, get this, 25% of its flights are free. Seriously.

Billing itself as " The Wal-Mart of Flying". Ryanair's goal is to one day (soon) make Flying absolutely free.

So how does it make money?

By charging for other services. Advertising revenue comes from commercials on the back seats. Checked luggage costs $3.50 per piece. Food is always extra.

By reinventing the business model for winning in their industry, Ryanair is doing just that. And showing us what innovation and imagination is all about in the change-crazy economy we find ourselves operating within




Source : Book - Stunning Sucess - Robin Sharma