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5 Product Promotion Strategies that can make you reach new heights

Nov 10, 2017

Promotion is a creative business area it requires originality and a unique vision. Here are some product Promotion strategies that make it to our list of top 5!!

1.Social Media: social media today has the power to reach anywhere and everywhere. To reach a wide spectrum of audience social media is the cheapest, easiest and the moat hassle free way to go. Creating Facebook pages and profiles on Instagram or simply sharing the product through circulation of pictures is enough to start with. However managing social media marketing is also task which has to be dealt with care keeping in mind all legal and ethical norms.

2.Promotional gifts and discounts: To gain a strong foothold in the market which is so competitive attracting customers initially is a challenge. To attach them one can launch the product with a promotional discount for the first few days or a complementary promotional gift to the first few customers. This will allow the product to get some recognition in the market.

3.Print Media: even in the presence of today's advanced technology, print Media hasn’t lost its charm. Advertising through Newspapers is beneficial for reaching a wide audience, at the same time print also offers the option for reaching a target audience through pamphlets, brochures, vouchers or banners, they are affordable, easy to distribute and comprehend and conveniently produced as well.

4.Establish communication: once a consumer is hooked to a product they will continue to purchase it for a long time. However, a brand must not mistake their loyal customers to be blindfolded, once they get to know of a better deal they will grab it. Therefore communication must be maintained between the brand and customer. This can be done through emails or messages so that latest information can be shared easily.

5.Contests and ambassadors: Rolling out a lucky draw contest giving some lucky customers a chance to win free goodies or having collaboration with a few customers who can further advertise the product and become an ambassador is also an effective strategy. People trust other people, when a friend or relative introduces a product, it is trusted.

"Be a Sales Rock-star.

Make Competition Irrelevant"

By Suneil Stanly

A Small Business Coach who's on a mission to help small business owners make more money, find more time.

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