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Interview With Mr Kritav Shah – Accord

Interviewer: What Accord's all about ?

Mr Shah : Accord rent out film equipment and production equipments along with service, while also having a presence in web streaming. The company was founded by Mr Tejas Shah in 1997 in Bombay, since when the company has established branches in Ahmedabad and Pune.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr Shah : The company is simply trying to market itself and garner greater exposure at the moment, while retaining old customers by keeping up constant interaction and accounting for their feedback.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr Shah: I argues that the traditional signs of professionalism, seemingly forgotten today, remain the most important requirement for any budding entrepreneur to succeed, among them fulfilling commitments and valuing time being just a few examples.

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