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7 leadership strategies for the digital age

Nov 1, 2017

The old way of running a company won’t cut it in a digital age .

Today, it might be apps, big data , 3d printing ,”the cloud” or another current example of digital technology. There is no border anymore between the pre and post digital worlds. Digital is business and business is digital. There are some ways lets look into it :-

1. Digitization requires an unbiased understanding of the external environment.

2. Digitization may require a reformulation of the firms mission.

3. The meaning and impact of digital to the firm must be clearly stated .

4. Digital understanding and capabilities are required across the firm .

5. Digitization must be supported by the firm’s corporate culture.

6. Digitization requires great engagement with the public .

7. Digitization demands a great level of collaboration.

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