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Interview With Mr Tapas Patra Cradle Runways

Interviewer: What Cradle's all about ?

Mr Patra : Cradle is a facade cleaning company and develops systems toward the same, along with facade building solutions. The company has provided services to high profile clients the likes of Wadhwa Capital, Lodha and World Towers among others. The company is based in Dubai, while having offices the world over. Cradle helps clean about a massive 13,00,000 sq. m. of facades a month on average, Cradle was founded 23 years ago in Mumbai by Mr. Ashok Hemlani.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action?

Mr Patra: The company greatly desires to make clear to the industry that their experience in both architectural consultancy in regards to facade building and also cleaning is unmatched, thus marketing themselves as the ideal providers for both services. I remark that their presence at the hospitals infrastructure exhibition is make themselves known in the Indian medical market and attract client from institutions within the same.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr Patra: I advise that young entrepreneurs discover their niche and dedicate themselves toward carving their own unique share in the market. As an example, how Cradle's parent group, Clean India, is an amalgamation of companies targeting cleanliness drives and services, and how following such a path might be advantageous for many a budding businessperson

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