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Interview With Mr. Rakesh Sakpal, Sales Manager - TechnoPurple

Interviewer: What TechnoPurple's all about ?

Mr. Sakpal : The company is into employment tracking systems, both for indoor premises and outdoor, while also checking if the employees are efficiently delivering toward their goals. The company was founded by Mr. Amit Jain, who was commemorated by the Economic Times of India, in 2010 in Mumbai.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr. Sakpal : TechnoPurple currently has clients like Abbott in the medical industry already and they are trying to further announce themselves in this sector with their tracking technologies.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr. Sakpal : I insists that awareness is key to a good business growth and essential to the foundation of a great firm, summing up with "be aware".

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