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Interview With Mr Radheshyam J Director - Kraft Surgicals

Interviewer: What Kraft is all about ?

Mr Radheshyam : The company is a manufacturer of medical equipment, more specifically laproscopic surgery instrument, their specialty. The company has, for the past few months, focused heavily on trading equipment across India, while a regular chain of supply to foreign exporters to has been established since the culmination of 2016. The company has also begun authorising the resale of their products to third party sellers in recent times, aiding them in registration. The company was established way back in 1992, while the fledgling trading department inaugurated only in 2015. The company's based in Mumbai.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr Radheshyam : To keep improving available medical equipment and find the most economical ways possible to market them across the healthcare sector and generate positive word of mouth, while also focusing on the recently established trading department and see to it that the company's exports remain strong on the balance sheets.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr Radheshyam : Insists upon innovation for the Indian healthcare market, and offers a word of caution for those replicating foreign designed equipment, while the practice isn't wrong and instead justified, it can stifle the potential of India's own equipment production standards and discourage new ideas, for simply copying foreign blueprints would've by then become the norm, creative be poured into all aspects of equipment manufacturing, technical or otherwise, and also for young entrepreneurs to stress great importance upon their Research & Development departments.

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