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Interview With Mr Maheshwar Vishal – Eventus

Interviewer: What Eventus' all about ?

Mr Vishal: Eventus is an IT healthcare company providing logical solutions to everyone from the largest functioning hospitals to small scale clinics. For the latter, Eventus provides, among other services, an online based booking platform that not only guarantees greater satisfaction but also greatly aides management difficulties. For hospitals, Eventus provides solutions and services relating to IPD and OPD works, along with other institutional advice. The company was established in 2014 in Noida by Mr Siddqui.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr Vishal: Since the company has quite a streamlined focus targeted at purely medical insitutions and with providing them logical solutions, Eventus continues to market itself amongst the vast Indian medical market, while trying to find partners that can help the company spread pan-India.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr Vishal: Persistency and consistency are the two words that must define the journey of any vying entrepreneur no matter the circumstances plaguing their path, and should be kept in mind as guidances.

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