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Decoding Business growth

A company must identify its goals in all fields i.e. not only in product development in marketing and sales but also in human resources starting in the company and ending with the customer…...adding the human and personal touch all the way.

To keep the success going the company should stress on consistency and perseverance. Along with that continuous rethinking and improvisation is the key to the definite rise of the organisation.

Modern times mean media, especially social media. Good use has to be made of the current media scene. It is easier than before to connect to the audience wherein your target group lies. Connecting with the audience through their sensibilities, playing on their emotions will definitely help establish the business. Messages to them can be very easily put across to them through the internet, applications on the smartphone and not to forget the ever-dependable television. Print media is not to be left far behind. The company and its products have to be bombarded with the audience day in and out through advertisements…… the more, the better.

The larger the advertisement, the better the visibility. Nothing like a small ditty to humor a meaningful sentence to remember to influence the customer. Remember that out of sight is out of mind. So never give the customer a chance to forget which is so easily done nowadays.

One should know how to delegate the different aspects involved in developing the business. Juggling design, sales and marketing recruitment and accounts and finance will lead to a total chaos. Specialized services are freely available now and should be made use of generously and intelligently.

Sustaining the business and its growth is another core issue of modern time commerce and trade. Customers have a very low loyalty threshold as well as a very low product retainable threshold. They forget very easily and move on smoothly to the next product and in the market which offers better, say, products along with better marketing and sales. So, the organisation needs to constantly reinvent itself and stay abreast of its competitors. It needs to retain the old customers, engage him in repeated and multiple sales as well as get hold of new customers.

Last but not the least is the management of the firm by the owner or the leader or the manager. The higher-ups in the hierarchy have the great responsibility towards the firm and also to those working under them. It’s a matter of great organizational skills to balance the power of a manager and the need to get the work done through the whole team correctly and in time the manager has to be on his toes constantly setting an example on how the organisation needs to be run. He should be very flexible yet firm continually rethinking all principles and strategies that the firm runs on. Becoming complacent is the worst quality he can ever develop. His motto should be ‘not anything is enough.’

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