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Interview With Mr. Suresh Menon – Arete Marketing

Interviewer : What Arete’s all about ?

Mr. Menon : Arete markets products are geared toward minus 9, that is before a baby is even born and still in their mother's womb, to children of age 3, all of them targeted specifically toward improving the stages of infancy a child experiences and they bring international products geared toward the same to India, while also providing licensing aid. The business was established by a group of four entrepreneurs only back in 17th September, 2016, and the purpose of being at the event is to extend the image and awareness regarding our infant business.

Interviewer: What is the upcoming future of the company?

Mr. Menon : Arete’s plan for the future is to bring more international brands to India and familiarise them with business practices here and bring more educational toy products and the like from the world over to our nation. They also seek to target joint ventures encourage the international companies we bring on-board to manufacture in our own country. Meanwhile, the business, beyond its marketing goals, will try to become a manufacturer at some point in the future and establish a solid foothold there.

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