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Interview With Mr. Satish K. Gautam Director – Little Genius Toy

Interviewer: What Little Genius’ all about ?

Mr. Gautam: Little Genius is a company which manufactures products true to its name. Their primary concerns are wooden toys, targeted at a child's formative years and made in such a way as to encourage their educational and learning experiences at this point in life. Their range, made up of over 700 unique products, not only fulfils the child's educational needs, for children have proven to be highly responsive to toys, but also supplements them while providing the child with entertainment.

Interviewer: What was your purpose of starting the company?

Mr. Gautam : My aim is to make education less of a chore for children, and try to ensure that within their growing years themselves, children come to perceive education in a more positive light and are eager to further their learning when having attained the age of attending educational institutions. Thus, with the purpose of changing the perception of education and what toys could potentially do for a child's growth, the company was started way back in 1990 in Delhi, with the budget of a meagre 1500 rupees and upon a small rooftop in the nation's capital. Their humble business began with just 5 flagship products, although they’ve since expanded and now offer over 700 unique educational products today, with this spurt in growth having been enabled by Mr. Naresh Kumar Gautam, also the founder of Little Genius Toys. The business now has a turnover of over 10 crore rupees, while they have suppliers and distributers across the nation, and in some international markets, too.

Interviewer: What is the company’s future plans?

Mr. Gautam: I and my colleagues believe wholeheartedly that products targeted at children, especially those offering them education, should boast of extremely affordable prices so as to enable all parents to purchase the same. It's thus their constant endeavour to drive down the prices for their products and seek out better manufacturing methods. The purpose of being at this event was to find more ideas for the same and find partners to reach out to every nook and cranny of India, while also to further expand their international presence and partner with firms that can aid them in exporting to more nations.

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