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Interview With Mr. Sarabjeet Singh CEO – Centy

Interviewer : What Centy’s all about ?

Mr. Singh: Centy, are a nearly three decade old brand primarily into miniature automobile manufacturing, a niche industry in our nation that they’ve made their own. Centy boast of over 75 unique SKUs (stock-keeping units) and continue to add to their range of products every year, while many labs and certification institutions around the nation have approved their products innumerable times and their quality has thus been attested to in this manner. Moreover, each of Centy’s products are manufactured right here in India, in accordance with all the industry certification standards. Sales network is pan-India in the truest sense, with presence both online and offline. The company was founded in New Delhi in 1990 by three partners, Sarwinder, Darwinder, and Balwinder Singh.

Interviewer: What is upcoming plans of the company?

Mr. Singh : Centy’s motive for being at the event was to seek further expansion and also interact with their previously loyal partners who've helped them in finding customers in this region of the country. They have plans for the future that are quite different to what they’ve been doing up to this point, they’re currently seeking to enter the electronic toy industry, which can be perfect for their car models, and expand Centy’s catalogue to include toy cars. Further incentive is provided for following this plan as the toy car sector is one dominated by foreign brands, and having a homegrown firm that manufactures products right here at home becoming a leader in this sector would be valuable in more ways than one, remarks the CEO.

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