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Interview With Mr. Bharat Agrawal , Founder – ADVENTUREKONNECT

Interviewer: What Adventure Konnect’s all about?

Mr. Agrawal: I remarks that a adventure sport aggregators for activities across India, while me and my colleagues check quality and safety standards for them and take them on-board. At the same time, since many of these havens for adventure are spread across the nation, customers can also utilise their product for ancillary and supplementary services such as booking hotels, flights, and the like and perhaps even adventure gear. There was a great need for a product whose primary objective would be to bring together the adventure opportunities in our nation.

Interviewer : What is the future of the company ?

Mr. Agrawal : Adventure Konnect has already brought partners on-board from across the nation and it will immediately be a completely pan-India service when it goes live on Diwali, 2017. My purpose of being at the event was to inform travel enthusiasts and services catering them to be aware that such a portal is about to come for the Indian market and seek out additional partners based upon the same. I will also strive to educate those in the travel industry of the boons of my product, for it can establish a formal network of adventure sports in India and bring together all fledgling brands within its sphere, thus increasing business greatly for them by not only first allowing them to be discovered on an online portal, but then also enabling positive feedback and word-of-mouth. Thus, Adventure Konnect also place great importance on checking standards satisfactorily so as to ensure that only premium experiences come our customers' way

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