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Interview With Mr. Nilesh Saravade, AVP – AKBARTRAVELS

Interviewer : What Akbar Travels’ is all about?

Mr. Saravade : Akbar Travels is the largest airline consolidator in India and are into a diverse range of travel options, be they air travel, hotels or holiday packages, and every aspect related to travel can be taken care of. The company was established way back in 1974 in Mumbai.

Interviewer: What is upcoming company’s future ?

Mr. Saravade: Company is tied with their future, since this is a B2B event, and enables them to connect with their peers and partners, perhaps seek out new partners and it gives one leverage to connect with industry veterans. Their group is renowned for its service and seek to not only diversify but also move global and further establish ourselves, while they have offices in New York, the Middle East, London and a host of other global financial hubs.

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