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8 Pros And Cons For Hiring Outside Your Industry

Recruiting the best candidates is critical to helping organisations reach their full potential. There are many recruitment strategies you can use to find top talent, and while it’s true that internal recruitment can be extremely effective in boosting company culture and allowing existing talent to shine, it can also be extremely restrictive as it limits the generation of fresh and creative ideas. External recruitment offers many options, and it can be very powerful when trying to hire quality candidates.

Pros :

Increased chances : In this increased chance, the company receives a variety and number of candidates who owns knowledge and ability to handle that job. If the company enters a selection procedure with an external recruitment then there are increased chances of finding a suitable candidate for the job. And this increased chances provides better availability of skilled and qualified employees for the company by using the external recruitment method.

Fresher skill and input: When a company goes with an external recruitment method, there is a quite better possibility of finding and identifying a fresher candidate who is capable of delivering new skills and inputs for the betterment of the company. Therefore, hiring a candidate with an external recruitment makes things clear and better for the company who is in desperate need of fresher skills and inputs for the overall growth of the company.

Qualified candidates : Nowadays, when a company posts an advertisement in the social media or newspaper. There is one of the common things that need to be focused on and that is well experienced and qualified candidate. And with an external recruitment advertising, the company can find a variety of qualified candidates for the post offered. And eventually, this process helps to identify the best candidates in a lot of skilled candidates.

Better competition: In the external recruitment process, there will be a chance of facing a better competition in terms of hiring a new talent. Most of the time some of the company looks for the candidates who are capable of handling a certain skilled job and some of them search those candidates who are better with their risk taking ability. And this is how the company meets those two types of characteristics of candidates in the same interview process.

Generation of creative ideas: Most probably when the company is in need of those candidates who can provide creative ideas for the growth of the company, then the company needs to go with an external recruitment process for the overall development of the company. Therefore, once the company understands the working nature of an external recruitment then there is a possibility that the company might select a candidate with new and better creative ideas.

Lesser internal politics: In the external recruitment process, there is a very less possibility that the candidate might face internal politics of existing candidates. And these lesser internal politics avoids a number of internal issues and requests of the existing employees of the company. And once the candidate is selected, then the company can be aware of all the political and internal disputes of the company as well. Therefore, it is a process with a high potential candidate who is capable of handling any type of situations in the company.

Better growth: By using an external recruitment process the company can expect growth not just for the candidate, but actually the company can expect it for itself also. When a company selects a candidate with high potential, then there a higher possibility of overall growth of the company. The employees within the organization also broaden their capacity and may try to match with the new talent. Therefore, external recruitment holds on to the objective where it handles the selection procedure sorting by finding a skilled and qualified candidate for the position offered.

Competitive spirit: When employees are recruited through external recruitment, there whirls a competitive spirit in the organization amongst the employees. They present themselves to be competitive with full enthusiasm to work and match with the new employees. A healthy competition takes place between the internal and external employees and employees become efficient and trained.

Cons :

A limited understanding about the company: When a candidate is selected from an external recruitment process, there is a possibility that the candidate might have less chance of understanding the environment of the company. And this lesser understanding can make a big difference in the future activities of the company. Therefore, there is some sort of issues with an external process which needs to be rectified for a better understanding of the company environment.

Higher risk: There is a possibility that the candidate selected for the post is not worthy of the position offered and he/she can take advantage of their position in the company. This type of risk is very much common in an external recruitment process as most of the candidates applied for the job is total strangers to the company. And that is why it is considered as one of the higher risk processes of recruitment.

Time consuming: The main disadvantages of external recruitment is that it is time consuming as most of the companies post an advertisement of their company recruitment drive, then there is a quite possible chance of receiving a higher number applicants for the post and the recruiter need to be very careful with their decision of selecting the best candidate for each round selection process. And these different rounds of selection take a bit longer than the internal recruitment process as it involves a number of processes.

High costs: As most part of the external recruitment process mainly deals with complete new candidates then the company need to come up with a pay scale for that candidate which should value his/her skill and ability. This can turn things a bit costly for the company as they are in need of new ideas and to get such new and creative ideas from the potential candidate. The company needs to provide him/her the best possible deal to refuse. With all these aspects, the company needs to provide intense training for the candidates. Screening large number of candidates consumes more money.

Internal disputes with existing employees: When a company considers a fresh candidate for the higher post than the existing candidates, then there is a higher possibility that the company existing employees might show some sort of internal dispute among the officials of the company. This kind of internal dispute can lead things into a completely different level. And eventually, the company can fall on their back with such differences of opinions.

Issues of Maladjustment: There are a number of possible ways where the new employee recruited may not adjust to the new environment. They also would not adjust with the new employees in the organization. When such scenarios take place, they have to leave the organization or the management should take initiatives to replace them. By this way, the management may lose good employees and need to hunt for another.

Agencies are not trusted: By recruiting candidates through external recruitment, recruitment agencies play the role where they do not have adequate knowledge about the culture of the organization and their intrinsic qualities. They also do not care much about the key requirements of the post.

Invites unsuitable applicants: External advertising methods are something that happens in large scale through print media and hence a large number of applicants who are not fit for the job post are drawn in. There are number of unsuitable candidates who line up for low level job positions.

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