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Interview with Ms Gauri Deshpande, Director of Kiwi Consulting

Interviewer: What are the main activities performed by your business?

Ms Gauri: Kiwi Consulting is an organization providing management consulting and technology services focused on bringing about the business transformation. Central theme of Kiwi's service portfolio is to work on three critical aspects of your organization, (3Ps) People, Products and Processes and transform the organisation’s image.

At Kiwi, we strongly believe that technology plays a significant role in improving operational efficiencies of the organization thus empowering it to better serve its customers, employees, shareholders as well as the society and hence projecting a professional image.Kiwi Consulting offers a spectrum of technology consulting services to suit the needs of varying sizes of the organization, with a single-minded focus on bringing the transformational changes.

We undertake a wide range of initiatives such as brand building of products, development of the corporate brand, grooming of employees, employee wellness, leadership development, upgradation or transformation of the technology, and delivering comprehensive ‘corporate image’ makeover projects.

Our services portfolio is-

  1. HR consulting and services

  2. Marketing and Branding

  3. Business strategy and technology consulting

  4. Corporate wellness

  5. Leadership development

Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea of your business?

Ms Gauri: In my previous stint as a VP HR and Marketing, I influenced the growth of a technology company by setting up a phenomenal work culture and establishing a credible brand for the company in India, US and the Europe.

I spearheaded the complete image transformation of the company by molding the entire workforce into a highly professional, compassionate and a well-groomed team through a careful selection process and highly integrated relationships with the reputed management and technology education institutes.

I decided to venture out into my own and set up my consulting business as I believe,being an entrepreneur, you can make a positive difference in the society by creating more jobs, helping the economy grow and helping your customers to enhance their business. Everyone in your business ecosystem benefits by your success, may it be your suppliers, partners, customers or employees! It also opens avenues andopportunities for you to make a social impact.

‘Corporate image transformation’as a business idea evolved when I decided to combine my educational background in business management, entrepreneurial experience in IT and management consulting; and the international exposure in HR and Marketing and Branding. Applying the principles of image management to organizations and transforming the organization’s image would benefit it immensely!

Crafting a new image for the company requires it to undergo a complete image overhaul. It involves updating the corporate brand image, including its logo and web site design, digital media presence and corporate communication.

Your employee image must be consistent with your company image!Along with the corporate brand, the employee image must also undergo transformation. It involves transformation of the company’s work culture, leadership development and grooming of employees, change management, corporate wellness….