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5 Must Know Ways to Motivate Your Buyers

Jul 15, 2017

1.Fix their current dissatisfaction: A buyer switches to a new product when they are dissatisfied with the one they are then currently using. At times they do not even realize that their product is causing some discomfort. By targeting this latent weakness you can attract buyers to purchase your product.

2.Testers: Testers enable uncertain customers to try out your product or service. Trying the product gives them confidence to purchase it. They do not feel cheated either as they have already tested a sample of the product.

Ex: perfume testers, new variants of chips, chocolates etc.

3.Complimentary deals: offering complimentary products attracts buyers to your product. Attractive deals motivate buyers to purchase more and build brand loyalty as well.

Ex: toothbrush+ toothpaste socks+ shoes etc.

4.Seasonal schemes: offering special schemes or vouchers or discounts seasonally can help boost sales. Ex: Diwali special offers, Holi special discount or Christmas special sale etc.

5.Reward loyal customers: by offering special rewards to loyal customers exclusively, strengthens brand loyalty. It also motivates average consumers to become loyal to the brand. Ex: giving one free purchase after every ten purchases or giving discount over a purchase of a certain sum.

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